MY ROUGE VIF Bowling & BLACK CLUTCH!!! Yippee!

  1. I can't tell you how much I :heart: my rouge vif bowling!!!:yahoo: Love the style and the color is TDF!!! The leather is so smooth! My black clutch is here too!!! Love it more then I thought I would!!! I am so happy!:smile:

    Also- thank you l_b!!! She found these both for me! I am so happy and grateful to you!!!:flowers:
    100_0624.JPG 100_0625.JPG 100_0626.JPG
  2. OMG *faints*

    L dear, can I come and raid your closet one of these days? :nuts::ninja: I loooove your new bowling bag! And the clutch too of course! :love: :tender: CONGRATS!!!!! And l_b, you're so sweet to do this for zacorey!
  3. ohhh zac i love your bowling bag GORGEOUS color :love: :tender: it sort of reminds me of the muse which i want to get but i find to heavy. Is the bowling heavy ? do you mind if il ask how much it is :P
  4. zacorey I love it! congratulations!!!!! :love:
  5. zac pls post a pic using the bowling :yahoo: its tdf :love:
  6. HAT- you don't need to raid my closet you have the best Bbags!:yes: :love:

    Thank you MIMI!!!!:smile: :heart:

    KAKA- no it's not heavy at all! That's the greatest part! It feels like air!:yes: I'll take pictures of me later.

    Thank you Cilla! I see you bought the most gorgeous Bbags lately!!!
  7. Simply gorgeous! Congratulations!
  8. OMG!! Wow wow wow.... drying over both bags! I am just going to HAVE to get the Mini Bowling in white. I just love the style! And that clutch.....melt/drool/die............!!!!
  9. the bowling is really fun in the red.
    and the clutch is so cute. congrats!
  10. Thanks Glimmer & Jennifer!:heart: The clutch is GREAT!!!! It's even better IRL! You should get it!
  11. Where did you get it, Zac????
  12. L_B got them for me! I emailed her about how much I loved her bowling and she said they had a large bowling left in rouge vif (at a boutique where she buys Bbags) so she picked it up for me (she's in Italy). I didn't know at the time that BalNY has them available.
  13. Zac - I LOVE them did good, girl :smile:
  14. I love that Rouge color. I just ordered it in the make-up clutch style from the NYC store. I can't wait to get it!
  15. I'm really happy that you have received it..... and that you love it!
    AG bottle are here....Thanks!
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