My rouge lady dior

  1. Here is my red lady dior... it looks like wine red... colours are rather close to the pics...



    It is really pretty and classic in style and it was the last piece left. However as Im a student, I hardly get to carry it around.

    Now the qn, SHOULD I SELL IT? oh dear.... im really confused. Help me out ladies. WHat are ur opinions? :smile:

    keep it!
  3. Wow this Lady Dior is absolutely gorgeous! It's up to you if you want to sell it...but since this bag is timeless, even if you don't wear it now, you can save it for the future!
  4. i totally agree with May.. that bag not only is beautiful :heart: its a classic as well...and lets face it we only grow older so it might be perfect one day ! :roflmfao: just kidding ...but true...
  5. very pretty! love the color!
  6. it's absolutely beautiful and the red is so vivid and vibrant. i think it's an absolute keeper (any lady dior tote is a keeper to's so timeless and classic).
  7. What a gorgeous bag! I love the color as well. Very classic!
  8. You have to keep her- it is a classic red beauty!
  9. lovely!
  10. Beautiful, congrats!
  11. great color! I say it's a keeper.
  12. It's stunning!
  13. Keep her! This is a bag that will only get better wth age(hers and yours).

  14. Wow congratulations.
  15. thanks ladies for ur kind comments =) Its a pity that this pretty doesnt see much of the world or daylight at all =/