my rouge h kelly is here

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  1. i've just received a new addition today:nuts:. it's a rouge h kelly32 retourne. this is a really great timing as i just sent my brown kelly for repair/clean up yesterday and won't see her for 2months.

    here're some pics. i've taken pics with and without flash. and also took photos of the rouge h kelly next to my brique kelly for colour comparison:smile: photo no.1 and 3 are taken with flash.

    i was a little worried that the 2 kelly's are too similar, but then 1 is a sellier and the other is a retourne. what are your opinions?

    thanks for sharing yet another excitement with me:heart:
    P1020057.jpg P1020058.jpg P1020055.jpg P1020056.jpg
  2. Maria you´re on a roll!!! She´s gorgeous!! Spectacular. Both Kellys are beauties, but that´s the only common thing they have.
  3. From a fellow Montrealer(??) to the next...your handbags are absolutely stunning. I so wanted that souple. If only my handbags in consignement would start selling already. Wear them in good health.......CONGRATS. :yahoo:
  4. Did you decide against the Kelly clutch for evening?
  5. It's lovely! They aren't too similar, jmo.
  6. So love the color!!!!! Congrats!
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats
  8. i'm still looking for the right clutch for me:angel:...but am in no rush for the clutch since i won't be using one in the near future.

    and i really love the size 32 kelly''s perfect to fit my phone, wallet, keys, &extra baby wipes/diaper (in ziplock:lol:).
  9. They are BEAUTIFUL! BOTH of them. I have a few different bags in brown tones and I don't think they're too similar as the leather/construction is different on all of them. Keep both......they are lovely!!!!!!

  10. Congratulations Maria!! Both are gorgeous yet different!
  11. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. Totally different bags ;)!!!
    Gorgeous and Congrats!
  13. Congratulations Maria. They are beautiful and they are different!!!
  14. gorgeous that rouge is!
  15. gorgeous kelly! i agree, the two bags are def. different