my rouge city just arrived!

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  1. and its beautiful!!! thanks to guccigoo on PF, who i purchased the bag from, the transaction couldnt go any smoother :flowers:

    i've loved this colour ever since it came out and when i wanted to purchase it at cultstatus, the city (the one i really really wanted) wasnt available anymore so i settled for the box. somehow the shape didnt really grow on me so i sold it and have been pining for the city since.

    im so glad because of this forum (and right before the marketplace was shut too!) i managed to find the bag of my dreams :heart:

    here are piccies i want to share with fellow b bag lovers:


  2. Its Beautiful! Congrats!!
  3. Beautiful city, evanescent! Congrats on finding your bag!
  4. thank you! i guess moral of the story is, never settle for anything other than what u REALLY love cos u're never going to get over it :love:
  5. Yes! Never ever settle for anything less because eventually you're going to find exactly what you've been searching for when you least expect it ;)
  6. It is Gorgeous! That is the same one I want!! :smile:

  7. it is gorgeous! i love that red!!!
  8. Fabulous....congrats! I saw a lady in Paris carrying this on Sunday and I couldn't stop looking at the bag. I'm so in love with this bag! Enjoy! And you know where to find me if you ever looking for a new home for her................
  9. BTW - are you in Oz?
  10. yes i am :yes: im really lucky we have a b bag stockist here in perth (its a very small city!) :heart:
  11. gorgeous bag evanescent. Congrats.
  12. Aww, it's lovely. So glad you got your wish!
  13. yay rouge!!
  14. Awwwww I love the rouge city!!!! Congrats on getting your hands on one!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. Really beautiful bag!! Congrats the color is amazing!