My Rose twiggy is here!!

  1. I checked my mailbox TWICE today to see if it was here.. I was sooo anxious! And here is the gorgeous little beautyyy... the color is really TDF. There is a little scruff mark at the bottom but its ok cos you can't really see it while carrying the bag. And the previous owner cut the tassles. Don't know why anyone would do that cos I love the tassles but I guess this mean I'll have to call BalNY to order them.

    Mann.. I've so fallen in love with this bag! The pink is not too bright or pale.. just the right shade I like it. Come on and drool with me! :yahoo::love:
    rose1.jpg rose3.jpg rose4.jpg
  2. One more pic of the back :P
  3. And here's Miss Rose with her cousin Miss White City! :love:
    rose2.jpg rose6.jpg
  4. Oh my goodness that is such a pretty color rose! The leather is gorgeous on your Twiggy too. It looks so good next to your beautiful white City too. Quite a nice contrast! Congratulations!
  5. awesome color!!! congrats! shes beautiful!!
  6. congrats it is really pretty color~
  7. ooohhhh! NICE :heart:
  8. Thanks you all! I just wish it wasn't raining now so I can bring her out!
  9. What a beauty--CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  10. Oh :shocked: My :shocked: GGGGAAAAAWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:shocked:D! ssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttUUUUUUUning!!! Congrats and enjoy this beauty and let me know when you get tired of it ;)
  11. Thank you snowwhite :love:
    I absolutely can't put her down...
  12. Decophile... you might have to wait a very, very, very, very, very, VERYYYY long time before I get tired of it! ;)

    That is, if I ever do. :P
  13. The color is so pretty. Congrats!
  14. Here's to many, many happy years with your gorgeous new bag. It's lovely!
  15. Thank you sweetie! :heart: