My Rose Bridgit arrived today! I love it!

  1. I really really love it. The color is more coral than rose, but a gorgeous color for spring.
    ATT13465.jpg ATT13468.jpg ATT13469.jpg
  2. That is a pretty color! Enjoy the bag she is beautiful!
  3. Congrats! That is a wonderful bag!
  4. very pretty color! congrats!
  5. That looks beautiful on you!! I, too, am loving this bag...may have to get it PCE..I don't carry lots of stuff normally so this could be plenty big. Can you make the pictures any bigger?:tup:
  6. Bigger would be great! PLEASE;)
  7. Congrats...enjoy your bag!!!
  8. Beautiful!!! Enjoy!!
  9. Very pretty color & it looks great on you, Congratulations!
  10. Really pretty.... Enjoy!:smile:
  11. Thanks everyone! Sorry for the PJ's, but I'm in them as soon as I hit the door. The girls at the office were drooling yesterday!
  12. I really love that bag. I'm almost glad its too small for me, this way I know I cant buy it!!! Great color for spring too. Enjoy it!