My Roma Found'tain.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,
    I present to you my Rome's find.

  2. Firstly is my DH shoes.
    The name of the shoes is Rivoli Sneakers IMG_20200112_131502.jpg
  3. Secondly the most sought after sneakers,
    Run Away Sneakers for me.
    DH is so kind to convince me with this shoes. IMG_20200112_131945.jpg
  4. And lastly my Neonoe Epi Indigo.

    Thank you for you time.
    LVOE Image.jpg
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  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Rome! Congratulations, love your picks!
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  6. Great purchases, congrats!
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  7. Awesome haul! :clap:
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  8. Tq
  9. Tq
  10. Yeay tq
  11. great LVs - congrats!!
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  12. Wow! What awesome pieces. I just got the runaway sneakers in white and I love them. I hope your husband and you enjoy your new goodies!!
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  13. Tq
  14. Tq so much dear
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