My Rocksteady Reveal- Not the best.....

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  1. First she arrives like this! :nogood::wtf: I was horrified! My LAMB stuffed in this envelope! I said- I sure hope she's inside of a Lamb dustbag- I didn't know if she came with one or not. I paid over $12 in shipping for this?!!!! :wtf::cursing:

    More soon after your shock chills out a bit..........

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  2. :wtf::wtf::wtf: I'm still horrified at how she came to me!! No dustbag either. :sad: But all in all considering she was USED- I'm happy that I have her at last and also that I DID NOT spend much at all on her. She is gorgeous w/ all the details and the fact that she is LAMB without a doubt and I waited a long time. If I would've spend more on her I'd be spitraven:cursing::cursing: like a lunatic! She holds everything with room to spare and she's not burdensome- fits over my shoulder w/ ease. I do :heart: her- she just needs some major TLC.

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  3. I really love it! Althout the way it was shipped is unbelievable. Whoever shipped it didn't care about the bag too much. Putting in to a box wouldn't make a bigger problem that stuffing her inot such a small envelope. Not to mention that it could have been distroyed so easily. But anyway, I think the bag is gorgeous. Can't wait for some posing pics.
  4. ^^I agree totally! I'm surely lucky that she wasn't damaged. It did take me about 10 minutes just to rescue her from the tight envelope and bubble wrap (at least THAT was around her) but geeeeeezzzzzzeeeeeee louise! Tisk tisk tisk! A $595 bag packed like that! :wtf::Push:

    There are some more pics that I took that I will post later as everyone "catches up". Modeling pics will be posted later on too. Right now I'm in sweats no where near presentable, plus she's gotta match what I model in! :graucho:
  5. What a horrible way to ship that bag - the seller basically rolled up the bag and stuffed inside. Well, thank goodness your bag still looks amazing!
  6. You got that right- she was rolled up in there. Ugh! Some people just have no sense of value or respect. She's a topnotch ( ebay standards) seller too. WTF?
    It's funny- despite that- she is gorgeous. I have checked her over w/ a fine-tooth comb and I really need to get my apple leather products ordered as soon as I can. I gotta protect and save this baby!
  7. At least you got it!!! Not siding with the person who shipped it or anything b/c it defiantly needed a box....give her a good treatment and rock her. Congrats!!!
  8. First off, let me say she is GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations, I cannot wait to see more pictures. And knowing how long you waited I am glad you now have your bag.

    With that being said the bag was shipped was completely ridculous. The charge for shipping should be true to the purchase price. I realize it won't be exact...I am usually off by $2 or so. But most times I lose money on shipping. The seller was definitely trying to skim some added savings for herself and that is a shame. Think about the way packages are handled...being thrown around...having larger packages smashed on top of them. You are very fortunate the bag was not damaged. I would not let this slide. I would send a message the seller and probably leave neutral feedback. But that is completely up to you.

    Ok, enough of that Legsie has her Rocksteady!!!!!!! :party:
  9. Legsie- you are so lucky that the enveloped didn't get snagged in a machine or something. Thank God you've saved her. It's sounds like you already are treating her better than her previous owner!
  10. wow beautiful purse! I can't believe how it was shipped....I'd definitely be leaving bad feedback to warn other buyers about the way this person ships.
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    Congrats on the new edition! I would definetely say something about the shipping. She could have put it in a flat rate box for $10
  12. I did reflect on her shipping method. Even DH was appalled when I told him and showed him the envelope wadded up in the trash. I think he understands a little bit better now the quality of these bags that I so do love. I showed him how heavy the "lock" is on there by having him hold it and I could see by his expression that he thought it was pretty heavy and nice. :jammin: I'm rockin her already with care. Went to WalMart earlier...he he he... and she was sported and rocked!
  13. Gorgeous's amazing that people just don't understand how to ship properly!

  14. Lovely!
  15. Thank you all for your compliments! Yes, now that I've had time to calm down over the poor packaging......
    She's very lovely! I'm very happy with her and she was worth waiting to find and the deal and yes, the Mocha..... it's such a yummy shade/color!