My ROCKSTAR bag collection!

  1. Here are a few of my bags. I went through a Gucci phase for a while had a thing with Tom Ford and all he created then moved on to Dior. I think John Galliano "ROCKS" I don't think I will ever become bored of DIOR. I have feelings for Fendi as my very first bag was a Fendi. I just began a realationsip with Donatella and all her fab bags..Versace is pretty Rockstar glam same goes for YSL....i could just go on and on and on.....
    (sorry the pics aren't that great)
  2. Great collection!

    Two Christmases ago, my bf offered to buy me any purse I wanted. He was pushing for the Fendi Vanity (I believe the same one in your avator), but I chose the Gucci with the serpants instead (middle bottom row in the first picture). :love:

    Also love the turquoise fringed YSL. Was going to ask for that for a birthday.

    It's rare to find someone with the same handbags I have. :biggrin:
  3. Lovely collection! I especially like your Gucci's.
  4. Your collection is so diverse! I love how original your style looks when they're all together.
  5. OMG Janice, I think you have my favorite collection on this site!! Your bags are so colorful and lively. I can't even pick my 5 favs- I love the Dior ballet bag, I had no idea it came in such a large size.

    What is the name of the baby blue Dior with the braid clasp thing?

    Your Versace bags and Gucci dragons are also to die for!

    The black and gold Versace looks pretty current, did you buy the denim one recently also?
  6. Wow, very nice! Nice to see some Versace, and I really like your Gucci's.
  7. very funky collection! Nice!!!
  8. Love your bags, they're all very edgy ! I really like the Dior fender bag, that's one that I don't really see around !
  9. Great collections! I love the Gucci Bamboo shoes :love:
  10. Your collection is rockstar indeed! I just love your Guccis!
  11. i love your gucci collection!
  12. Wonderful collection! I especially love the Gucci's! Thanks for the pictures!
  13. Soooo unique! I haven't seen a collection like that posting in the forum before. Thanks for sharing!
  14. wow you've got a hot collection there. love the diors especially. what color balenciaga is that?
  15. unique style!!
    like it!!