My RM sample sale loot


i <3 bags!
Sep 8, 2006
I was honestly on the fence about going to the sample sale but seeing the pictures from last nights' conviced me that I NEED to go :P. So I played hookie today from work and left earlier than I should have.

I got there around 1:45-ish. No line, so that's a good thing. And I was overwhelmed, this is my 1st time going to a RM sample sale. I'd say there's a pretty good selection - colors and styles. Nothing much going on on the sample table but on my 4th or 5th time walking around the place (I'm very indecisive lol) I've picked a green with brown basketweave MAB. I really really wanted to get a MAB but the regular ones that are out are black, black and cream combo and red. There's a handful of orange MAMs too. There was a lot of glazed aqua Nikki and I was actually holding on to a turquoise Nikki but I wasn't crazy about getting a Nikki this time. There's a lot of MACs and 5 zip rockers. There's really A LOT of everything lol.

Okay, enough blabbing.

Here's what I got.

A sample green with brown basketweave MAB. Obviously there's no d-link on the sides so the straps have to be attached on the side. The leather is buttery soft.

front -

back -

lining -

A Navy croc MAC with gunmetal hw

And a red coin pouch-

That's all... Maybe I'll come back tomorrow :shame:


Jan 3, 2010
I'm not much of a green bag girl, but I actually like the combination on this bag and how the stamping comes in at the bottom. Congratulations!


Bruno Von PepFried<3
Jan 3, 2009
Great loot! I'm happy you decided to go... Your green/ bbw MABs' leather is very soft, I held her yesterday.. It's a very unique bag.. I actually almost got it in a MAC but last minute put it back... Here is a pic of it...

Congrats on your bags! Great choices.... And hope your little one if feeling better...
Dec 26, 2007
i love the stamping of the brown basketweave on your MAB, but i especially am head over heels on the navy croc looks absolutely stunning!


handbag addict!!
Aug 25, 2006
I love the green MAB! I believe i saw her the other day too, it is definitely a statement bag! Congrats!!