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  1. After almost 2 months of desperation, I finally got some of my RM bags today! I love them so much!

    From left to right:

    Beau Tote in Navy Luxe/Purple Lizard
    Lex Clutch in Gold
    MAC in Purple Lizard
    Matinee in Noir

    Apart from these 4 bags, I still have some that are on the way to me, and some that I already own which are:

    Light Grey Matinee
    Green Dot MAC
    Royal/Brown Basketweave MAM
    Scarlet Mini Nikki
    Concord Nikki

    I'm actually on vacation right now, one of the main purpose of this trip is to get my RM bags! I think if there is ever an award for the most dedication in getting RM bags, I would definitely be rewarded 1st place!

    My favorite RM bag is the Matinee, and it really doesn't feel that big at all, I just love it!

    I will post more pics eventually! :yahoo:

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  2. WOW! What gorgeous collection you have and will have even more when the other bags arrive too! That Noir Matinee really does stand out. Thanks for sharing the picture and keep'em coming in as the other bags come in!!
  3. I've been waiting for this!!!! though it's a partial reveal, it's still sooo exciting! you got the gold Lex! it's going to be your favorite party clutch from now on....:tup:
  4. CONGRATS on scoring GORGEOUS pieces. Do post modelling pics soon!!!
  5. Love that beau! You have some beautiful bags!
  6. You definitely win 1st Place for your dedication. . . no doubt about that!! What a reveal!! It's like a RM birthday or Xmas! They are BEAUTIFUL and you have the start to the makings of a wonderful collection!!
  7. They are all beautiful! I especially love the MAC and the Matinee! Congrats!
  8. You finally got a hold of them! And, you got more coming!! So now to decide which one to carry today...
  9. Congrats! The noir mattie is gorgeous, and I love the MAC too!
  10. hear, hear! tejava, you would surely win the award, especially after all the grief and travel half way around the globe! Congrats! I bet it feels mighty nice to finally get your babies in your arms! Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  11. Thanks ladies, your compliments totally made my day! I love all of them! Matinee was what dragged me into RM, and after touching and carrying it for the first time, I am really in love. It's perfect size for my daily needs, and all the pockets make it so functional. I tend to prefer bags with lots of exterior pockets, Matinee is just too perfect for me.

    I've never bought 2 bags of the same style in my life, and Matinee just broke that record. I have 2 now, Noir and Light Grey, and I will not hesitate to get more!
  12. Yaaay, I'm so glad you are finally getting to touch and feel your bags!!! Beautiful collection so far. I can't wait til you get them all so you can do a big ol' Minkie Pile!!
  13. gorgeous collection, congrats!
  14. Gorgeous! How lucky can a girl get!? :tup:
  15. Gorgeous!! Glad your bags are coming in! Sheesh 9 bags in one-2 months? You're on a roll woman!