My RM Nickel K&M and Silver Date Cluth have arrived (almost)!

  1. My last order from the sample sale, the nickel kiss&makeup just arrived and it is gorgeous! The silver date clutch I ordered from bluefly is supposed to arrive today too, and it out with the courier. I can't wait! Come on DHL. I will post pics here later today when I have both of them:smile:

    *I just realized I misspelled clutch in the title of this post,haha. oh well!
  2. My date clutch from Bluefly should be waiting for me when I get home tonight, too! Woooohooo...can't wait, can't wait. Hope you love yours!
  3. It's still not here. Ugh, DHL is taking too long! I have to leave in an hour for school and won't be home until 10:30 tonight so I hope it comes really soon!
  4. I hate DHL. They delivered the package to my neighbors house, not mine! Luckily my neighbor is nice and brought it over, but if I had a less than honest neighbor it might have been bad for me. I called DHL to report it though, so hopefully it doesn't happen again. Ugh!

    I will post pics later!
  5. Here are the pics I promised.

    Silver Date Clutch, both folded and unfolded.

    Kiss&Makeup in Nickel.
  6. Yay, mine arrived too and I love it! I think I'm even going to use it as the clutch for my wedding. Here are some additional pics.
    IMG_2253.jpg IMG_2266.jpg
  7. I'm in the midst of planning a wedding too. Using it at the wedding does sound like a great idea! I also love that it has the fleur de lis lining. My MAM has it, and I much prefer it to the white and black floral canvas like lining my other bags have.

  8. love both! soo pretty!!