My RM Morning After Arrived Today!

  1. I ordered a black with silver hardware MA on Tues morning during the pre-order sample sale and it arrived today! I was so surprised. The SA told me it would take 8 to 10 days so I was expecting it next week. I am so happy! I ordered a mini nikki in blue on Wed - I hope that comes on Monday!
  2. Awesome! Take some pics and post them!
  3. Did you order it from the SS? I ordered the same items on Monday. I can't wait. Hope everyone posts pictures. :woohoo:
  4. I can't wait to see it! Congrats!
  5. Did you get a shipment confirmation from them at all? I also ordered on Tuesday morning.. but I am in CA so not sure when I will get it. I have not received any kind of confirmation at all from them (ordered by phone) but my credit card did get charged. Hope I get my MAM soon.
  6. OMG - Yay!!! That was super fast - please post pics. I am waiting for an Elephant MA :wlae:
  7. WOW!!! That's great! I can't wait to get mine. I ordered Monday!
  8. That's good to know! Did you receive an email when it was shipped? My credit card was charged on Wednesday for my MA in glazed espresso bag, but I have not idea when it is going to arrive...

    Post pictures of you MA bag! Do you love it???
  9. Congrats!! Post pics:yes:. You got yours so fast. I haven't gotten mine yet, but then again, I live in the midwest so it will probably be here sometime next week.
  10. I'm worried because my first order was charged. My second order verified by phone but still not seeing a charge. The email now only sends back an automated response.
    If anyone has seperate order during the sale, please let us know if both orders were charge. :confused1:
  11. I never checked to see if my CC was charged for any of my orders. I'll check on that later tonight to make sure. My first order was by phone on Monday (Glazed Almond) and then I emailed RM on Wednesday for three more bags. I got an email confirmation about the second order I put in, but never with the first order by phone. I tried emailing them about that order yesterday and today, but still haven't heard from RM.
  12. Ditto! Waiting for email confirmation, as my card has already been charged. I'm hoping it gets here soon.
  13. Pictures please!
  14. Can't wait for the pics!
  15. I am finally getting around to posting pics of my new RM Morning After bag. For those of you wondering how the ordering worked during the pre-order sample sale, not sure they had a system in place but I placed my order for this bag on Tues morning on the telephone. I never received an email confirming the order or an email confirming shipment. The charge was posted on Wed and arrived at my office in NYC on Friday. I was very surprised as they told me it would be about 10 days. I also order a mini Nikki in blue on Wed morning again over the telephone and Wed afternoon I received an email confirming my order. That charge was put thru on Thurs. I haven't received the bag as yet.

    Here are the pics
    Bag 1_1_5_1.jpg Bag 3_1_3_1.jpg Bag 5_1_12_1.jpg Bag 6_1_1_1.jpg