My RM MAM Bag & MA Comparison and Modeling Pics

  1. Just figured I'd post pics of both my bags and their modeling pics while I was taking a pic that someone requested while I was at it. I'm wayyy too lazy to take pics and this has been a long time coming. Way modest though compared to some other members RM collection though!!!

    I find I use my smaller blue the most. The leather is real soft now and as you can see from the pics they are both really slouchy. I haven't even used my dark gray yet though and might end up selling it. The leather on the gray is shinier, although that might be because I haven't used it yet lol The blue might have been that way when I got it but now I don't remember!

    For size reference I am 5'5 and 120 lbs. I find both comfortable for my height but haven't had tons to carry yet for my regular MA.

    First is my blue MAM bag

    Here is me modeling it

    Here is my regular MA bag in dark gray


    Modeling pic

    And comparison pic. Sorry it's kinda sucky!

    PS EXCUSE my PJS!!! ^^* It is night afterall :p
  2. Both are beautiful! Congrats.
  3. Both are so cute! I love the colors. I think they both look great on you but the small one is just perfect, esp. with the chain!
  4. Love them both. Great colors--very basic without being BLACK!!
  5. They are beautiful. Thanks for modeling both sizes, I was curious what the difference was.
  6. So helpful! Thanks so much! And the bags are gorgeous, BTW! :tup:
  7. Gray=gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. That color is sexy.
  9. I have the exact same MAM. I love the blue color!
  10. Thanks so much for sharing! The bags are beautiful and look great on you (even in your PJ's).

    What is the name of the color of the blue? Is it the stone-washed blue?
  11. Lovely bags!
  12. I could never get tired of looking at that dark gray! Its absolutely gorgeous!
  13. wow so lovely!