My RM Love Story (The Early Dating Years)

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  1. #1 Jul 17, 2009
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    I apologize in advance for my long intro…

    So I am totally new to the buying world of RM. I am a long time admirer and the OSS was my attempt to begin an RM collection. I ordered a Nautical Blue MAB Luxe and I was super excited. A week or so later I received the call of doom and RM removed the hold from my credit card. I was upset but decided to purchase a different bag to fill the void. I went on bonanzle and got a great deal on a lovely bag (from a great TPFer-thank you!!!). The next day, after purchasing my new purse, a package arrived at my house. :shrugs:

    There was no way it got there that quickly so I opened the box to find…the Nautical Blue MAB Luxe! It was lovely, in perfect condition, and I adored the texture of the pebbled leather. But as the hold was taken off my card I had not paid for this lovely bag! So off to NYC it went, returned to RM.

    But this is not where I stopped…I suppose I have been bitten by the RM bug and it’s a good thing I waited so long to start buying because now I cannot stop! After a week of carrying my new bag I was completely smitten with the MAM and began my search for another one! I found another great deal on bonanzle (both bags were NWT!) and now I am the proud owner of two LOVELY MAM’s. :love:

    I think I am getting a P/P wallet for my 21st birthday from my boyfriend and I have a stardust pouch on the way, from the Gilt sale. So let’s hope I can stop myself for a bit as I go back to school in a month! Well…with the exception of the SO I started and am crossing my fingers for. Then I will stop, I swear! Um, maybe…

    Anyway, without further ado here are my lovely purchases! I know you ladies have seen these revealed before but they are new to me so excuse all the pics. First, the Light Grey Trio MAM. And the second purchase, a Scarlet/Lipstick MAM. I LOVE having a patent bottom! That and the sig hardware are possibly what I love most about these bags!
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  3. Awesome story, and I love that your an honest person....some people may not have sent that Navy RM back!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of won't be disappointed!!
  4. Close up of Details (piping and quilting and sig hardware...oh my!):


    She SMOOSHES amazingly for having the patent trim :heart:



    And last but not least...The fully quilted patent bottom!

  5. Now it's scarlet/lipstick time! (Thank you ladies you recommended this bag to me...there is no other word for her than SEXY!)


    Working on breaking her in...

  6. Yummy patent bottom!


    And like they always say...It's what's on the inside that counts:

  7. Almost done, promise!


    She fits everything I could possibly need in a day...

    From Left to Right:

    Franklin Covey Day Planner (no idea what I would do without this!), mini umbrella, Burberry sunglasses (been wearing these forever, no other sunglasses are quite as lovely),

    Kiehl's mini sunscreen, checkbook, Motorola Karma (brand new phone-got it as a sample), LG ENV2 (my regular phone),

    car keys, vendor pass for an event I am working this week
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    Very pretty collection! Love the Scarlet! That's the bag that got me really into RM and I didn't even buy it when it came out! lol
  9. Beautiful mams...thanks for sharing
  10. Gorgeous bags, Emily!
  11. pursekidd-you are quite right! so far I have not been disappointed!

    karester-thank you! i didn't know if I would like the distressed leather IRL but oh my...the color is so stunning in person! especially with the patent contrast on the bottom...

    Thank you GelTea and Bay!!
  12. congrats on your new MAMS. they look gorgeous. :biggrin: i really love the hardware on the light grey trio mam, esp the ones around the handles. isnt RM crazy addicting? im in school too (entering my last year of college thank god) and its so hard to resist buying RMs cause theyre just so great. and ita with pursekidd, your such an honest person. some people would have kept the bag, but you didnt. :tup:
  13. i'm going into my last year as well! (ah, not excited about having to find a job in a year!) and it really is crazy addicting...i think my boyfriend thinks I have been possessed since I bought the first MAM. I won't shut up! (I think he bought me the P/P in an effort to quiet me without knowing that it will only fuel the fire!)
  14. omg. thats so funny, he told me the same exact thing. cause i kept showing him pictures of RMs online and he got tired of it so he bought me a PP WALLET....then eventually a MAMM. im currently showing him more RMs birthday is in october so im hoping for some RM. :nuts: about the job thing, me too. but the silver lining is well have MAD MONEY to fund our RMs....after the loans and stuff but i just try to ignore that when i "think about the future". lol
  15. hahaha well it's good to know if i'm following your path the P/P will not be my last gift! (I think I have him almost convinced that it's a great idea to chip in for my SO as an anniversary/holiday gift)

    ah loans! is there a way to get outta those? you know a 'buy bags instead of paying off loans but still be ok' stimulus plan?