My RM bag got all wet!

  1. Should I be worried?
    I took my wine MAM out and there was a huge snowstorm today in Toronto :sad: Stupid me, it's all dried off now but I wonder if I ruined it a bit! Can the bag stand this sort of abuse?
  2. If it can't withstand some rain I would be so scared to use it! I think it will be fine. In the future try to treat it with a weatherproofing spray.
  3. I agree with icyblue, if it's dried off now it couldn't have gotten that wet/damaged. From what I understand they're pretty sturdy.
  4. I've spilled a hole bottle of water on my wine matinee before and... it took me forever to find paper towels at work to dry it... so it got really dark and I was so afraid it was going to have water spot stains! but it dried and NOT A SINGLE WATER SPOT!!:yahoo: I have also taken my purple MAM out in the rain and it dries to its normal condition. However, it's never been wet for an extremely long time and not super duper drenched it ya know what I mean. I would worry too much... oh yah none of my RM bags have been treated-
  5. I've never treated any of my RM bags, and I think they've all gotten wet. Like bleujey, mine have never been exposed to steady water or drenched - but maybe walking from a store entrance to the parking lot, etc. They've all dried just fine with no spotting. I think it'll be o.k. Even my light tan colored Nikki has gotten wet(big dark-spot wet) and dried to it's original color.