my rights as a seller.....

  1. A buyer opened a paypal dispute against me claiming the item was not as described. the auction clearly stated "tem is USED: Exterior and Interior show major signs of wear... ALL SALES FINAL!!!" and I included up close pictures.

    Then buyer complains that she thinks she paid too much for it. HELLO?! :wtf: Bidders control the auction prices, not the seller. If you don't want to pay that much for it, don't bid!

    anywho... as the seller... I escalated the dispute to a claim to have paypal handle it. I feel that I covered my bases as a seller.

    ps. might i mention that buyer has negative feedback (non-paying bidder) and a bid retraction. (as a seller I could have canceled her bids, but having good faith, I didn't).

    thanks for the support my fellow eBay sellers and buyers!!!! :heart:
  2. any correspondence from the buyer yet?
  3. Did you remember to icnlude your auction description in dispute page to PayPal?
  4. no, I haven't heard anything back yet from the buyer or paypal. I did quote the item description in the dispute to paypal. now patience is a virtue!!! i am crossing my fingers that everything works out.
  5. Keeping everything crossed here for you. Hope it works out well for you
  6. Unless the seller claims that an item is new or mint, it becomes hard for the buyer to win a SNAD complaint. That she paid too much is not a valid reason for a SNAD compaint. Since you pointed out the damage in the listing, I think you'll probably be okay.
  7. I agree.
  8. thanks for everything gals. susan-eric... you made me feel so much better! I'm sweatin' smaller balls now!
  9. U Have Nothing To Worry About, I've Been There, There Is No Chance For The Buyer To Win The Claim.
  10. I got a negative feedback from a buyer remorse too...You're totally right if they don't like the bag, don't bid then...I wish it will work out for you:yes:
  11. thanks again so much girls!!! i'll let everyone know when the hoopla is over (in 10 business days acc to paypal!)
  12. If it's one thing I have learned on eBay so far is that we as sellers have NO rights !!!! However I hope all works out fine for you, and I wish you luck !

  13. well... if you described it as worn and used, she can't say it's item not as described. plus paypal is cheap and doesnt want to part with their money. if they refund, they lose their money too.
  14. I agree with this! Especially when it comes to Paypal. Buyers do have the upper hand. I've seen very few sellers win claims.
  15. ok, any updates since the 26th from ebay, paypal or the buyer?