My ridiculously small LV collection 06-07

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  1. I was bored during New Year time so pulled out all my LVs and started playing and photography them.I don't have ten LV bags but I have two very nice one.I don't have twenty LV accessories but I have three that are very well loved and used.Not sure if I need any more LV bags in the future since those two bags pretty much satisfy all my needs, big one Soana Sac Plat for school, small one Bequia Trotter for day/night out.Unless I can find another reason why I need more bags, otherwise I think it is time for me to move on to thing s like shoes and accessories.I must say I have been drooling over LV shoes for a long time:drool:.

    Again, I don't have ten pics to show off each of the item but I have two very best quality one that I pick from about fifty pics that I took by my digicam. Hope you like them:supacool:


  2. You don't need 20 or 10 bags to be an LV lover!!! You have a wonderful collection and the bags are beautiful!!

    Nice pics too!!
  3. I love your collection ... very nice, thanks for sharing!
  4. Small but gorgeous- every item in your collection is STUNNING!

    Mine is even smaller- don't even have any bags ATM ;)
  5. Gorgeous! I love those bags!:yes: Great pictures!
  6. Very nice pieces! Those pictures are super high quality. Good job!
  7. i love your collection, you chose great bags!
  8. I really love your collection! It's very sophisticated =) I only have one bag right now and no accessories. I'll probably be content with a couple bags and a couple accessories too. Didn't you have an Okapi case as well? Or am I mixing you with someone else?
  9. You pick very special items and they all match together very well!

    I am glad you are loving each and every one of them. I always love and baby my items as well even though I am a known abuser... :p

    Love your collection! :tup:
  10. i love yr BEQUIA trotter and been looking....of coz rest of yr collection is excellent taste...:tup:
  11. Just know that I am GREEN with envy... I friggin LOOOOOVE that black Suhali S-Lock Bracelet!
  12. I love them all, it a very hot collection
  13. That is a beautiful collection!! It's not small, it's just PERECTED!!!:yes:
  14. Like ValleyOppressed said STUNNING, I especially like the tote, that is soooooooooo hot :drool::drool::drool:
  15. What a great collection .... :nuts:

    You have *FAB* taste.

    That Suhali Bracelet and Bequia Trotter are 2DIE4!! :drool:

    Thanks for sharing.