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  1. :love: Hello everyone!
    Today was a very happy day for me, not only did I finish a speech presentation that I was absolutely terrified of doing, but when I got home, the LV ribera was waiting for me!:love: It is a beaut!:biggrin: It took her quite awhile to get here since she is from the UK, but doesn't matter, she's here!!!! Anyways, I just reall wanted you LV experts and PF ladies who have damier prints to check on the bag authenticity wise. I bought her from a mprs but just making sure ya know? Love ya'll and here some pictures! Sorry for the hideous watermarks! I just don't know how to do them question I am concerned about is, is there a white tag inside the old lv dustbags? refer to the last pic please.
    onmelv.jpg lvfront.jpg frontlv2.jpg insidelv.jpg lvzippers.jpg lvtab2.jpg sidelv.jpg sidelv2.jpg tablv.jpg taginside lvdustbag.jpg
  2. I love this bag! I want to get either this, the Damier Speedy or Epi Passy next. It looks great on you!
  3. Very nice! Its a great size on you...
  4. Thank you everlong! I was debating on the damier speedy too! I think I am going to get both! lol The epi passy is TOO DIE TOO DIE for!
  5. Thanks bagfetish!
  6. 0o0o0o, you wear it well! congrats on the great bag!!!
  7. It looks great on you! I like it alot.
  8. anytime

  9. Your new bag is lovely. Very stylish!
  10. Congrats on your new bag!! Enjoy!!
  11. Cute bag!! All you damier owners are making me want one too!!
  12. congratz!! looks great on you
  13. Very nice, I love the way it looks on you. Congrats :nuts:
  14. love it! very nice.
  15. Nice bag! It looks great on you!