My reviews of new LVs


Jan 26, 2006
Hi gang
I went into the LV boutique yesterday and saw all the new things!

Here are my reviews:

Passy: It was nice but the SA showed me the smaller and told me it was the bigger, so I was disapointed it was too small. Now I realize the bigger one would be better, I just wish she would have gave me the right information. If the PASSY GM fits over the shoulder I would be very interested. It was a pretty bag!

The Charms Line: I so wanted to like this line. To me, it looked SO CHEAP AND TACKY in person. If someoene said you can have the Perf Speedy or any Charm Bag I would pick the speedy! And you know I do not like the Perf Bags! I just thought the vinyl looked really cheap. JMO.

Perf Heels! HOT HOT HOTTY HOT! I want a pair! The little locks on the back were so cute.

Denim pink. CUTE! I would probably consider a Pleaty but I have a hard time spending that kind of cash on material. I just hate that I would have to super baby it from stains.

Denim Khaki: Nice color but not for me. But cute.

I think that is all I looked at.

Passy GM is the nicest addition in my opinion. In black with a cute twilly would be to die for.

Hope this helps someone :smile:

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Jan 6, 2006
I was at LV on Saturday and I really liked the Passy GM in red and it fits easily on the schoulder. I liked the pink and khaki denim but not so much that I would want one and I totally agree with you in the charms line "looks like cheap Wal Mart bags to me". I just hope that they come up with some nicer stuff next season because this year they won"t make any money with me. But that's just my personal opinion.


Jan 5, 2006
Cristina said:
Nice post, Selena :biggrin: Glad to see I'm not alone on the charms line, I'm just not a fan :shame: I really want the perforated mules/sandals in orange :love: I bet the heels were gorgeous!

You're definitely not alone Cristina...i don't like this line at all:sad2: ,but i LOVE the pink denim:love: . Anyway i can't buy it now unless i decide to sell some of my other Cerise Bucket's been shipped to me this morning and it's on my way!!Can't wait to see it!!:amuse: Ciao!!


Jan 26, 2006
Glad I could help guys!! I loves you all!! :smile:

I was surprised about my reaction on the pink denim. I had not desire for the regular denim but I am longing for a pink one now! :smile:

I was totally disapointed in the Charms. The only thing I would get (but I am not) is the Cles. Even my SA thought it was putrid!

Great reviews, Selena, I appreciate the update! I can't say I like the Charms line much either, it's the plastic that really gets me. It reminds me of my great aunt's couch - covered in plastic! I didn't like the denim line at all until I saw Noriko's gorgeous new bag, now it's growing on me :smile:


Apr 3, 2006
I love the fuschia denim so much that I ordered both the Baggy PM and the Neo speedy. The only pieces I like in the Perfo line are the speedy and the musette; I chose to go with the speedy. I don't really care for the charms line but I haven't seen it in person either.