My review of the chocolate matte TME!


Jul 1, 2007
My review on the Take Me Everywhere in Chocolate Matte:

Chocolate has always provoked certain feelings for me…. It triggers the sensation of warmth, depth, and silky softness. Belen Echandia’s chocolate matte Take Me Everywhere bag provoked these same feelings. This bag is incredibly lightweight, but the leather feels solid and the quality is unmistakable. When empty, the bag slouches beautifully while still holding its shape to some degree so as not to drop the contents everywhere! The color itself is so rich it looks like a pool of chocolate silk where you can just dive into the waves of creamy leather.

The full size TME can accommodate a full size clutch/wallet, a makeup bag, ipod, blackberry, odds and ends (pen, hair clips, and travel size pill bottle), a paperback novel, a magazine, and a sweater comfortably…. Yet somehow this bag retains its light weight! I have even put my 15” HP laptop in this bag (the top 2 inches peeked out of the top) – though I don’t recommend using it as a laptop bag, it will do in a pinch!

The 9-inch strap drop fits nicely over the arm, in the hand, and over the shoulder. The bag slouches nicely against my side when I’m wearing it on the shoulder, and it doesn’t stick out awkwardly or fall of my shoulder, like many straps seem to want to do. The outside pocket makes for a very convenient cell phone pocket and the attached key strap makes grabbing the keys simple and easy!

There is a hidden wall pocket on one interior side that can hold all manner of goodies and two sizes of pockets on the opposite interior side for cell phone, blackberry, ipod, etc. All this in addition to the zipped wall pocket!

The signature fuschia lining makes it very easy to see inside the bag – and the drawstring and snap closure keeps everything secure, even when the bag falls over in the car!!

All in all, I must say that this TME is my all time :heart: favorite :heart: bag – from the color and feel of the leather to the design! Kudos to Jackie for creating yet another fabulous bag! :tup::tup:

Pictures to follow shortly!


Jul 1, 2007
ok, girls - here are the first pics! (Please excuse my sweats in the modeling pics, I just got back from the gym but was in such a hurry I didn't want to change first!)


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Jul 1, 2007
and yet a few more....

The last picture here is of my fur-child: Hannah. Her baby picture is my avatar, but here she is playing dress up!!


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Sep 25, 2007
The matte chocolate has got to be one of the most incredible leathers I've ever had the privilege of owning.

Hanna......FABULOUS!!!!! You will :heart: this....give it a'll be astounded at the softness. Deeeelish!


Feb 24, 2008
Thanks so much for such a well written, thoughtful review. I was very moved by how much you love this bag and how well it fits your needs. The pictures prove out what you wrote - its absolutely beautiful and it looks great on you.
Though I own a lot of BE bags, I don't yet own the Choco Matte....maybe I'll pull the trigger and order one sooner than later....hmmmmmmm