My review of the black Morning After Clutch. Another You Tube >>>

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  1. Loved it! Thanks for doing these videos :smile:
  2. lol i like your videos!!! and i totally think you might have sold me on a MAC. i'm tiny so i was worried about the size before but i am totally going to go in and see if i can find one to try on in person.

    and i totally think i'm in love with the FDL lining!!!
  3. K - you are too cute! I love it!
  4. Karen - another great video. Another great bag review. Great job!
  5. Great review, your videos are awesome, looking forward to your next one!
  6. I really never looked much at MACs before this and now I've been looking for them on ebay, thanks Karen :P! You really can make anything look good, you've got such a great style (from what I've seen in the BBag outfit thread). I like how you didn't get flustered when you couldn't get the chain to work; I would have had a meltdown, which is why I don't make videos!
  7. Thank you everyone! Its fun doing these videos.

    Plilly 3 - I know I should have practiced before hand with those fiddly chains but it was ok. You got the message - LOL!!
  8. Another great video! Great review of the MAC. BTW love your eye makeup.
  9. great video and review!!!
  10. Lovely reviews. I especially loved the one with your Wine Nikki. I am looking forward to seeing more!
  11. Great review, Karen! My cat loves your voice, btw... she kept trying to get me to turn the computer around so she could see the video :biggrin:
  12. great review, I love your videos! :tup:
  13. Great reviews!
  14. love this bag :heart:
    thanks for showing Karen! :tup: