My Review of Smashbox O-Glow

  1. My main focus with my beauty routine is having clear, healthy looking skin. I began using Borghese Perlati Powder last year on my cheekbones, and it goes a long way toward making me look healthy and glowy, but lately I feel like it looks a bit heavy (I have very fair skin).

    I went ahead and bought a tube of Smashbox O-Glow from Sephora. As they describe it on the website:

    "When applied, the skin's moisture activates the energizing Goji Berry-C Complex™. It creates a microcirculatory effect, producing a rosy flush that lasts all day. This completely natural looking, waterproof, preservative and fragrance-free formula glides on smoothly for a healthy, glowing blush that's you, only prettier."

    I'm not wearing any makeup today (working from home :p), so I went ahead and put on some O-Glow as soon as the package arrived. It comes in a rather small tube, and has a thin, gel-like texture. It is crystal clear out of the tube, but as soon as it made contact with my fingertips, it turned pale pink. You can see where you are applying it, because the gel becomes an even deeper pink when it touches your face. All you have to do is rub it in, and it disperses itself evenly, so you don't have to worry about looking blotchy.

    The color is lovely and actually matches the shade that I naturally blush! I've only had it on for a couple hours, but I'll let you know how long it lasts.

    A word of advice: wash your hands afterward! My fingertips are still quite pink from the gel. :s

    Has anyone else tried O-Glow?

  2. I tried this and didn't like the color on my skin. It almost looked hot pink! The gel almost immediately turned to a powder as soon as it came in contact with my skin, and did not disperse evenly onto my cheek. I used a tissue, and tried to even it out. I am half mexican, and I think it looked better on my friend who is fair skinned. I was kind of dissappointed, because I thought it was going to bring a flush to my cheeks, but it was just a gel that turned to a hot pink blush once in contact with my skin. I definitely think it was a neat concept, and looked much better on my friend.
  3. Thanks for the review!! I am so tempted to try it!
  4. thanks for posting your review!
  5. Thanks for your review! A couple of questions for you... How long did the O-Glow last? Did it come off easily when you took your make up off that night?
  6. I put on the O-Glow at about 3pm, and when I washed my face at 10:30pm, it was still goin' strong. It came off easily, too. :yes:

    This morning, though, I discovered something a bit annoying. I put on my MAC tinted moisturizer first, then applied O-Glow, and it did not absorb as quickly into my skin. It was harder to disperse evenly. Yesterday when I used the O-Glow, I was makeup free, so it was much more natural looking and easy to apply.

    For those of you that go foundation free, it is ideal.
  7. I started using it about 5 days ago. I love it!
  8. i asked for this from my sister for my birthday, in a few days, so i'll let you know how it is!! i'm excited...
  9. I didn't like O-Glow either. I tried it on my hand, and it looked super hot pink. Plus, its hard to get off your fingertip!
  10. I use O-Glow and love it. It looks super pink when you put it on but it dulls to a really natural colour.