My Review of Black Maggie Clutch.

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  1. #1 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    UPS Man just arrived with my black maggie oversized clutch and me no likey (well not very much).

    The leather is very thin and dont smell of that mulberry smell at all, theres no weight to the bag it feels very light and cheap . the corners on the front flap have this cracked sort of shiney looks like vinyl. and the strap is made of the same stuff. which makes it feel cheap and itchy.

    All in all i am not impressed even at just under £200 i think its not for me, might send it back or it might grown on me dont know yet. But theres no way i would have paid £400 for such a bag.

    its a good size and sits on the shoulder nice enough, and theres noway would ever consider putting a laptop in this. it would pull the leather out of shape, in no time. due to the weight of one . and i dont think the leather would like a warm laptop put in it also.

    Also to carry as a clutch the shiney cracked stuff i think is going to itch the under side of my forearm a bit. and think it would flake off in time.

    P.S will take some pics and post. xxx
  2. Whoops - off with its head!
  3. What a shame! Send it back it you don't like it. I think it looked really nice in a previous reveal thread though. I remember that it was said on that the leather would age beautifully creating a vintage look. That was something that got my interest!
  4. Reading your review makes me feel relieved. I saw a nice reveal on here and so wanted one that I tried to order one, then changed my mind. Glad I did!
  5. Thanks Snowy. I have had that clutch in and out of the basket for days and couldn't make up my mind. Now I will leave it and my bank balance thanks you.
  6. Oh dear, sorry to hear that but thanks for the review. I've been never impressed with creased leather and/or cracked leather for the sake of long term usage.
  7. Sorry to hear the Maggie clutch was a dud! Hope something else will come along for you!
  8. #8 Jul 8, 2009
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    I just had another look the strap in held onto the bag by those pimple things and in time if you took the strap on and off an lot and the hole you push the pimple would be come bigger ithink there would be a problem, as strap might become lose.

    and the bags diffcult to picture as the leather is reall very shiney ( it dont look shiney on the web site)

    is the bayswater clutch held on like this ???
  9. I absolutely LOVE it!
  10. ^^^Me too, it looks beautiful. But if you don't feel the love, it's probably not for you. And if you think it is too lightweight, I can understand that feeling. Sorry it wasn't love!

    But I must say I love the way the crackled leather gives it an edgy look...
  11. It's a lovely bag but I don't think it's for everyday use. I also bought it and returned it for a Roxanne tote. It's nice but doens't seem durable.
  12. sorry to hear the maggie clutch was not to your liking:-P I thought the light weight leather was a good feature, since it does not add a lot of weight. I also feel the cracked leather is interesting, provides good contrast to the polished leather:smile: Hope you will find something you like better!:smile: and since i dun use the shoulder strap...hahaha..never paid attention to that:smile: it's not for a laptop for sure...just similar in proportion.:smile:
  13. Oh Snowy noooo!! What a disappointment, I hate it when that happens - been looking forward to something and it just doesn't measure up. Never mind sugar, something that sets your heart a-flutter will turn up soon enough! :biggrin:
  14. Commiserations! Sorry you're disappointed with the Maggie clutch. Send it back! You can't keep something in case it grows on you. Too expensive!
  15. It looks lovely in the pics, but if you do not like it: send it back now!