My Review in Zappos

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  1. Here is my review of the Carlos Santana "Wicked" pumps that I wrote for Zappos - thought you girls might be interested too -

    These heels are IT! I just got home from a full day in these heels and I have to tell you Wicked is right! I got the black patent ones yesterday at the mall. I just started a new job a few weeks ago so I decided to wear them today with some satiny white striped knee length pants, dark pink knit top and black blazer. I just love what they do for my legs - really makes them look so much longer and shapelier. And the best thing is I got so many compliments I lost count! First the other girls at the office all told me how much they loved them and then I wore them to the mall to visit my girlfriend. I think she loves them as much as me (almost). Of course I couldn't help lifting one off the floor and showing her the cute little lacing and ties at the top of the heels - they really make these heels sassy-cute-sexy all at the same time... and speaking of these high, high pencil thin heels - at first I thought they would be soooo hard to balance on but they really aren't. Maybe it’s because I get so excited when I'm wearing these that I feel like I'm walking on air but no - I think it is really because the whole pump is like balanced or something. I mean the heel is soooo high and the toe is sooooo pointy I guess they just equal each other out or something. All I know is I LOVE the look and feel of these killer pumps! One thing that is a little strange about them though - my right foot is like almost loose in them and my right foot is just the way I like my pumps - it fits tight enough that the my heel doesn't slip out when I walk but not so tight that I can't wear them all day, everyday... and I just might. First thing I need to do is get the other colors. Then I'll be ready for anything! Yes, yes, yes - these are a must have!

    and heres a pic of them -

    (Mine are black patent)
  2. wow i love those! is it just me or do heels often look better in patent? ...could be a phase...