My Reverse Monogram Pochette Metis: Unboxed and immediately sent back


Apr 1, 2007
hello everyone! I stalked the LV website for a Pochette Metis, and finally a reverse came up. I was thrilled. I eagerly waited for it to arrive. When I opened it I was shocked. It looked like it had black ink stains flicked all over the light brown part! Also some of the monogram was faded. I was shocked. I immediately called LV and told them what happened and sent them pics, and then took it to ups. I’m so sad because I’ve wanted one forever. I’ve attached pics. I can’t believe they shipped it out like that.


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Oh man... That sucks. The PM in both prints were really showing up in large batches before valentines day, I guess they were just cranking them out. Sorry this happened to you. Hope you can get another one soon.
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A lot of the print is very faded, and there are faint black marks, but they didn’t show up in the pics.
Actually ever reverse I have ever seen in person has the screen print look "faded" like your pictures so maybe this is not the bag for you? The black marks and edges would not be ok. Sometimes they can wipe off the black marks as it is probably glazing that someone carelessly touched the bag with.
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