My reveal from Paris

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    I finally found the time to do a little reveal from my trip to Paris! I had such a wonderful time.

    So I've been wanting to go to Paris for a while, but wanted to go with someone special. Mr Special wasn't happening, so I decided to make the trip alone! I stayed for a few days and had a lot of activities and shopping planned.

    I walk into my room and when I saw this wonderful view I just knew it was going to be a wonderful trip!

    I won't get into the details of my trip here, so i'll jump straight to my visits to Hermes FSH. The first time I walked in just to look (I was not in the mood to shop). It was lovely, bustling with people and completely overwhelming! I think it was around 5pm on a Friday. Many people leaving with large shopping bags.

    I went in the next morning at around 11 am. I looked around for a few minutes then went to the bag section. A lady brought a (mean looking) male SA who asked me what I was looking for, I said a Kelly 32 gold with GHW and he wrote it on a paper with my name and info. He came back minutes later and said there were no Kellys. I left without buying anything as i was with someone and didn't want to browse.

    I returned back around 2 or 3 pm. I open the door, and feel a sudden sharp pain in my thumb. It looked fine though. One minute later I find it's bleeding and I ask one of the SAs for a napkin. She takes a look and hustles me to the corner where they get out a first aid kit, spray disinfectant on it and apply a band aid! Now I can shop without worrying they say lol. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394154265.770800.jpg

    After spending time browsing the store I finally head to the bag section where i had to wait a few minutes until a young male SA arrived, and apologized for making me wait. I ask to see a 28 or 32 Kelly just to compare the sizes, as I have never tried either. He brings out one of each for me to try. Now i have always thought a 28 would be too small for me (I am 5'6"), but it was perfect. I then ask the SA if they have any available. He asks if I have a profile with them, and I say no. "So it will be your first time shopping with us!" he exclaims. I say yes, I am so excited I even injured my finger opening the door!

    Anyway, he checks the system, I peek and I see a list of about 4 items, he tells me he has size 32 turquoise and chocolate (and another i forgot), in togo and SHW, and asks if i would be interested in any. I considered the turquoise for a minute, but then decided against it. I asked if he has one in epsom, or other stiff leather. He says he has one... And brings it out to show me.

    Lets just say this was a bag I had never knew I wanted until i laid eyes on it! I decide to take it, and they had it delivered to my hotel.

    Now without further ado...... Here is my beautiful Eucalyptus Kelly 28, in veau grain d'h:

    I am elated! I must say i enjoyed myself the whole time in Paris, and this Kelly was just the icing on the cake. It even looks like its the same colour as the Eiffel tower :lol:
    Best part of the trip? The cutie who sat next to me on the plane to Paris and with whom I had a great time with. We're both back home and still in touch and things are going well. Lets hope I finally bumped into Mr Special! :biggrin:

    That's my story folks, hope it wasn't too boring!
  2. Congratulations!!! She's gorgeous and wear in good health!!!
  3. Mod pic:


    Closeup of the leather:

    More pictures. I love that it looks very different depending on the lighting. It is very hard to find a pictures that represents the colour accurately!


    With flash:
  4. Dressed up in a twilly:
  5. OMG. What a lovely story! The bag is beautiful, and I love the pic you took of it with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

    Good luck on the cutie! That is fate so hope that true love is heading your way!
  6. Your story is wonderful, the Kelly gorgeous and the rest of the story is to be continued…...
  7. Congrats and sounds like a lovely trip. Hope the romance continues too.....:graucho:
    the colour looks like a mix of bronze and olive and that's a fascinating textural leather....
  8. The last part was the best !
  9. Super Congrats !! Love your travel story and all the photos. Congrats on your new Kelly. It is a great color and leather that I've not seen. You're very lucky to run into a nice male SA that will not lie to you.

    Do you mind telling me where you stayed ? I just love that room with a view of Eiffel Tower.
  10. wow! that Kelly is gorgeous! congrats!
  11. Wow what a great story and fantastic souvenir! I'm so happy you decided to make the trip yourself. Best wishes for you and your in flight cutie!!! :hbeat:
  12. Awww hunny! I don't know what is better... the Kelly or the story!!! A gorgeous Kelly is definitely the icing on the cake, to say the least!!! Fingers crossed for you and Mr. Special!!!!
  13. Wow so unique! And what a lovely story! I am so glad you had a good time in Paris!!!
  14. This was like reading the most amazing romance novel ever!!! Your Kelly is a lovely lady, the color is so chic and I love the leather. Congrats!! What a lovely souvenir! Now we need pictures of your cutie. . . ;)
  15. Congrats! This bag is so special. I'm also 5'6" and prefer Kelly 28 too as it fits everything I need.