My reveal! Come and see!

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  1. Hey all!

    I got a very happy surprise in the mail today! I have had my Givenchy pandora in dark brown goat leather with silver hw for a couple weeks now. I have been wearing her constantly and loved the bag soo sooo much. Some of you might have been following my Antigona thread. I said on that thread that I was getting the small Antigona in navy but...something else took my heart and I canceled the order. So I present to you my reveal (along with a pic of my first panda, which I never posted a reveal for as ehemelay already has the same bag and posted some beautiful pics). I am DEFINITELY on a bag ban now! Gotta purge some of my old collection and start saving for the Christmas season. :graucho:
    givenchy1.jpeg givenchy2.jpeg givenchy3.jpeg givenchy4.jpeg givenchy5.jpeg
  2. More pics! Please excuse the messy room and lounging clothes!

    I also want to say, the red Antigona is the medium size (as are both the pandoras). I'm glad in the end I got medium, the shoulder strap fits just right. It is to DIE FOR. Love it so much. Also the pepe leather is definitely cool and interesting in real life, but I do notice its a bit stiff and almost seems dry? Wondering if any other pepe owners have noticed this. I'm thinking it'll break in over time and also wondering if I should use a leather conditioner on it.
    givenchy7.jpeg givenchy8.jpeg
  3. Love the pandoras and the antigona!! How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Thank you! I am only 5' 4" (or 162.5cm), so not terribly tall! I though the small Antigona would have been best because I was on the shorter side but the medium is definitely more for me. I would only consider getting the small in like the green croc print they have out now, since it might be overpowering on the medium. Hth!
  5. I really LOVE that red Givenchy!!

  6. givenchy galore!!! congrats!
  7. oooh, that is a beautiful Antigona! The red is fabulous!

    Love your pandas too!
  8. love the red bag....aahhhhh :cool:
  9. Wow! I'm really loving that red Antigona! And the Pandora too, is that navy colour?
  10. Love the red Antigona!! It's a beauty!!
  11. EEEEKKKK! That is the one I want!!! The red in box leather - so to die for. :loveeyes: That's great you like the med size. It certainly looks good on you and doesn't overpower. I know what you mean about a croc in that size, though!

    I have pepe and did notice it seemed a bit stiff and dry at first too. It softened up quite quickly with use, plus I did end up putting some Blackrocks Leather n Rich on it. Please note: I haven't seen Blackrocks recommended for pepe leather per se, but I've used it on all kinds of leather from Bal to Alexander Wang and been happy with the result. But I did notice it darkens the leather if I put too much on, as the dry cracky leather seemed to drink it right up.
  12. Thank you, i love the red too! Yes the pepe pandora is the night blue color. Very dramatic :smile:
  13. The red was even 100$ cheaper than the small navy i was originally going to get. I love the slight shine to the leather, much better than a matte red to me :smile:

    Hmm i wonder if there are any leather conditioners good for pepe. What color was your pepe bag you used that conditioner on? Glad to hear the leather breaks in nicely!
  14. Mine is sage. With use and the Blackrocks, it has darkened and gone more khaki-brown which I'm really glad about. The panda is so convenient and practical.

    How is the antigona to use?
  15. The red is beautiful!