my reunion with MISS BJ KELLY!!!

  1. as promised, here is a pic of miss BJ kelly. she was purchased in vegas about 3 wks ago. had her shipped to my parents in another state to avoid paying tax. my hubby and i spent this past weekend in montreal, where we met up with my parents for a family wedding. they brought her along so that i could finally be reunited with her!!!! yippeee!! she is the perfect everyday size, color, leather for me: 32cm BJ togo. (i am 5'3")

    we also did a lil shopping at the hermes boutique inside holt renfrew. ended up buying an orange H bracelet as a souvenir of our wonderful trip.

    next stop: buenos aires for 2 weeks in october. fingers crossed for 2 birkins!!! :tender:
    IMG_1978_edited_EDIT_edited.JPG IMG_2094_edited_edit.JPG
  2. Congrats! And kudos to you for being so patient! I would have had such a hard time waiting!
  3. It's so beautiful and looks great on you! I'm your height so I can visualize the size on myself and it's perfect!
  4. WOOHOO! reunited and it feels so good!

    blue jean looks so good in any H handbag!
  5. LOVE IT!!!! It looks so fabulous on you!!! And the bracelet is beautiful- congrats!!!
  6. Gorgeous Kelly bag!!! It looks beautiful on you!
  7. love it!!
  8. thank u ladies!!! I LOVE HERMES!!! I WANT MORE!!!! i need to keep up with all the lucky H ladies on here!! thank u to each and everyone of u for loving hermes too. and thank u for this wonderful forum. i love reading all ur stories. aaah yes, and thank u to my sugardaddy hubby for having the funds for it too!
  9. Beautiful bag, congrats to you:yahoo:
  10. your bj kelly is gorgeous!! congrats!!
  11. WOW!!! It's STUNNING! I love it so much. You look fantastic, congratulations, you must be overjoyed! Looks like our weather!
  12. You carry the Kelly so well, it looks beautiful on you.

  13. thank you thank you thank you!! ur all so sweet!! i'm sitting in bed, sniffing the leather right now. GOD I LOVE IT!!!!
  14. Beautiful, beautiful Kelly!! I'm your height so it was a great visual in terms of the relative size. I like your bracelet too!
  15. Gorgeous!!!! maybe one day my DH will become my suga daddy also & get me one...until that day, I'll just live vicariously through you!!! :wlae: :angel: