My reunion story with my cat

  1. I don't usually post on here, but had to share my story. On October 15th, 2006 my husband and I, our two kids, 1 dog and 1 cat moved out to California from the midwest. We moved into our house on OCT 24th and my 12 1/2 year old cat escaped out the back door and was gone only 20 minutes after being in the house. I hadn't even set up his litter box yet! After that night we never saw him again (we heard a pack of coyotes attack something that same night....I was heartbroken). A little history...I have had this cat since he was 8 weeks old. Just before I flew him out here I had blood work done on him to check his health and it came back to show that he was in the beginning stages of renal failure. We started treating him with fluids under his skin every few days, but really there is no cure, just treatment and hope for the best.

    On Monday Jan29th my husband was taking the garbage outside and there he was standing on our neighbors front lawn!!!! It is truly incredible that he came back. He looked as if he had been well taken care of although I have no idea about his kidneys at this point. I have to take him back to the vet to have his blood retested to see where we're at. I am still in awe!!

    He'll be 13 this summer and we're so happy to have him home!

  2. That must have been quite a relief to find him again.
  3. What a wonderful story! It gives me hope that our Mojo, who went outside and never came back this past fall, will one day return. I hope that wherever he is, someone is taking care of him....
  4. that was such a cute story! he's such a cutie!

    im glad that hes back home with you!!!
  5. Yeah! Thanks for sharing this terrific, joyous story. I am so happy to hear that your baby is back with you!
  6. Oh, that must of been such a wonderufl feeling to know he was alive and well. Hopefully your Vet visit will show that he is still doing fine, and the kidneys are still ok.

    When I read this story, it made me feel really warm and fuzzy! :love:
  7. Aww so glad you found him! such an adorable kitty :love:
  8. Thanks for the happy story. I hope he's ok after all that time away. I'd be devastated if I lost a pet and didn't know what happened to them.
  9. aww! I'm so glad he came home!
  10. that's great you and the family must be so overjoyed!!!

    sounds like someone was taking care of him so i hope his kidneys are ok.

    he looks so adorable in the pic !
  11. That is amazing!:wtf:

    I've heard a few stories of cats going missing for months, even years, and then turning up unexpectedly.

    So pleased you had a happy ending, i'm sure he is going to be ok. Our last cat had renal failure at 17 years of age, apparently it's quite common in older cats.:sad:

    I wish him many more years of good health, and happiness to you all.:heart: :tender:
  12. Thank god for a happy ending! I was almost crying when I read this. Losing one of my pets is a constant fear of mine. It can happen so quickly.

    Lots of hugs and kissses to your kitty. I'm glad she is home safe and sound.
  13. Wonderful story, all the best to your cat!
  14. I'm so glad that your cat came home! I hope everything turns out okay at the vet.
  15. What a beautiful cat! I'm so glad to hear he is back home, and I hope he is okay!!!