My returned Fake Cherry Blossoms

  1. Okay, Okay, I was (am) a newbie, but I really thought these were brand new authentic and I LOVED the pale vachetta. I had a bad feeling and sent to My Poupette who said that they were fake. I got my money returned. I hope I'm posting this in the right place, apologies if not. It's not an "authenticate this", so I didn't post there, again sorry if I offend anyone...

    I have an artist's eye, but the fakes are no match for me, I am only buying from LV and mypoupette resellers now.
    CB1.jpg cb2.jpg CB 3.jpg CB 4.jpg
  2. hey bags and bags, i did. And, I remember your CB burn. It broke my heart. I wanted them so bad. But, then, there's lots of LV I want, like an Epi Mandarin Speedy... haha,,, we'll live. Cherry Blossoms are so *****in though....
  3. Yeah..I want it so bad..but I have to wait for it..I will get it someday..I love cherry blossom flowers I just figure I have to have CB pochette too..
  4. veronika, i also can't tell the difference... and i'm also works in art & design area, and i would say i LOVE the blossom placement on the left corner spreading till disappear leaving the right corner free.
    if it's authentic, it's a perfect cutting for me too :P
  5. thank you sea horse.... My poupette said everything was right, but the cutting placement for the serial number. Isn't that freaking outta control? Also, she even included the pochette / extender keychain that looked and felt completely real. My bf at the time, even scrutinized things and agreed that the same tooling was used that was used with an original grafitti pochette I had for years...

    thanks for the confirmation seahorse.... ick... fakes.... it came from Scotland btw.
  6. I'm sorry that you got burned but glad you got your money back.. I know so many people feel this way but I get so angry that this goes on!
  7. I read an ad in the last Bazarre (with pregnant Britney on the front) that the counterfeit bags are used to promote all kinds of illegal activity like war efforts in Somalia, drug smuggling on and on. They had a number to report counterfeits, and if she didn't give me my money back, I was gonna call that number on her... but she did...

    it's truly a bad deal...
  8. i think there's a lesson we can all learn by receiving a fake once. i was once get a fake MC, and after that i learn my lesson well.
    but, of course if it's stated that we get a refund :P
  9. How awful. I'm so sorry you got a fake, but it's great that you got a refund. It's a scary world out there in eBay, and the fakers keep getting better!
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