My return to LV with the Damier Azur Speedy 30

  1. I don't post here in LV that often, but I just had to share pictures of my Damier Azur Speedy 30 :graucho: I've sold a few things lately, so here is my reward for emptying out my closet :p

    I own a 25 in Monogram and have always wanted the larger 30 size. I love the casual, grab and go feel of the bag, not to mention the sagginess (yes, I am a "Saggy Speedy" lover). I thought about buying a vintage 35, but I love Azur, and it will make a perfect summer bag.

    After branching out to other designers, LV, and especially the Speedy, still remains my first love :love:

    Without further introduction, here she is (with vain modeling pictures) :nuts: I can't wait for some patina action!




  2. it's beautiful! congrats!
  3. It's gorgeous. You wear it well. Congrats.
  4. Great size for you! Enjoy it - I :heart: my speedy 30!
  5. Thanks, everyone :shame: When I was in DC a couple of months ago, I saw someone walking down the street with this same bag. That's when I gave Azur a closer look :p

    Ugh, but seeing the new Inclusion and Vernis colors make me want to splurge. I tried on the Ursula GM sunglasses in the light glitter honey and fell in love :love: I need more than one pair of sunglasses, right?
  6. yeah, congrats on your azur speedy 30 :yahoo: it will also be my go to bag this summer, you will have a blast with it!
  7. I love Azur, especially the Azur Speedy. Congrats!!
  8. I love the azur and modelling pics too!
  9. Beautiful!!!
  10. Congrats!! It looks fab on you.
    You make me consider buying the azur speedy as my summer bag aswell :graucho:
    Enjoy wearing her!
  11. Beautiful! I love the Azur as well. You rock that bag.
  12. You look so great with it! I just got the azur 25 and I love it!
  13. It looks gorgeous on you! I have already started pulling out this bag lately in anticipation of spring! I now have an appreciation for the saggy speedy too!
  14. Thank you! :heart: I should mention that it's already spring/summer-like here in South Florida, so no better time to wear this bag! Today is a beautiful day :nuts:

    *bunny*, go for it. Every season requires a different bag :p
  15. congrats! perfect bag for the season :love: