My Response From Angie

  1. After my experience with a certain MPRS not disclosing or photographing water stains on a Speedy 30 (everyone here felt it was deliberate), I wrote to Angie of My Poupette. I told her my experience, showed her the eBay link and my photos. I also referred her to this forum and the original thread. I told her I thought her organization should hold their members to higher standards to keep their reputation, etc., etc.

    Here's her reply:

    Janet, I understand that you have shipped the item back to the seller. Let me know when you receive your refund. I am sorry that you experienced this problem. The seller assures me this is an anomaly and will be more careful in the future.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.


    Hmmmm.... so do you think the seller will be more careful? I didn't realize an anomaly and outright deceit were the same thing.
  2. I should hope the seller will be more careful in the future. Until then, buyers who receive an item from the seller with wear that was not disclosed in the pics or auction info should complain - more complaints and I would think that Angie would take action of some type.

    Sorry you had to go through this Janet.
  3. UGH...I hope she keeps a record of this...and if it happens again she should have her MPRS privileges taken away!
  4. i'd like to think that the seller will be more careful/100% honest with 'flaws' so another buyer does not go through what you went through. once you get a full refund, start looking (elsewhere) for your bag! good luck!
  5. Wow - I didn't realize MP was that lax about stuff. Really makes me question the MPRS lgog now.
  6. You really shouldnt bring the PF into this situation..IMHO.
  7. Very forgiving I must say.
  8. Is this situation not involving tPF?
  9. I dont think Janet meant bad by telling Angie about the tPF thread. Angie should know what other ppl think about this matter concerning one of her sellers. In this case, the seller is a repeat offender of all sorts of things, first involving fakes, and now careless and sneaky.

    I dont think anything bad is going to happen to this forum. I think this is a case closed for Angie, seller is forgiven, life go on. For next time, dont trust any seller with a logo (be it ALVA, MPRS) blindly.
  10. maybe give the benefit of the doubt not everyone is out to screw people and she did take it back...ebay is pretty bad so I would be paranoid to...find yourself a good Speedy...any luck so far???
  11. My purpose of mentioning PF was to give her more background on the situation. I would think that as an admin of the site she would have a vested interest since this board is such an influence on the buying and selling of authentic bags. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  12. As a matter of fact I did! I bid on what looks like a Speedy in better condition and I do trust this seller as she's been mentioned so many times here as someone as reliable. I offered her less than her BIN price and she accepted. I saved over $200 from a new one.

    I'll take pics when it arrives.

    Thx for asking.
  13. I would guess the seller will definetly be more careful..especially since she is aware MP has been notified..
  14. Doesnt seem very professional to me :wtf:
    I guess Angie figurs since you're geting your refund you should be *****ing ? Not exceptable to me, but what can you do?

    Doesnt seem fair when others here have posted there have been many issues with that seller.