My responce to A Forum Member Slandering me

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  1. #1 Feb 19, 2010
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    Good Evening Ladies!
    This thread is a reply to a Forum Member Harlow2424 thread "Warning from me..."

    I apologize for the long post, but i wanted to be clear and factual.
    First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Tatyana I am 33 and I live in South Florida and some of you might know me as a
    members cannot post their eBay ID on tPF

    Before I start telling my side of the story I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to "PalmBeachDivas" for contacting me thru EBay and letting me know that unbeknown to me I was a topic of a very heated discussion. What ”PalmBeachDivas" did showed me lots of Class, Honor and Caring. Choosing not to participate in Bashful Slandering of someone you don't know and who is not even present to defend themselves, but to be woman enough to say " I think you should know this..."
    Here is what really happened:
    I purchased the shoes and paid for them morning of the 8th of February, she told me that shoes will be mailed next day. On the 10th she told me that she was sick and shoes haven't been shipped yet. I told her that I was hoping to wear them at the party Friday night and asked if she could ship them overnight, since the sipping delay was on her part. Being a EBay Top Seller I pride myself on outstanding customer service, and ship all my items same day if payment is made by 6PM, next day if payment made after 6PM. So, it was shocking to me that on the 3 day after receiving cleared payment shoes were not shipped yet. Her immediate reply was ok, I will overnight them. And I was fine with that. Then the next day I get this angry message saying how I am this and that... So I decide to just live it alone and wait. She finally mailed the shoes on the 15th of February, which is a full week after receiving the payment. And I got an automated message from EBay saying that my item was shipped. I contacted her asking for tracking info, and got another "nice" response ...
    I finally got the shoes on the 17th, bear in mind Britney is in Georgia I am in Florida and it took a week and a half to get them :smile: But I got them and that's all that mattered to me.
    I opened the box, all excited :smile: Unfortunately both shoes had dirty sweaty foot prints inside and a grayish stain on the outer side of the right shoe where shoe meets the heel. An i feel that shoes that you spend $800 and that were describe as BNIB should not look like this. I sent Britney I nice message letting her know about the problem and that I wanted to return the shoes. If all that was wrong with the shoes was the dirty, sweaty foot prints, I would not make a big deal. Even if the stain was on the inner side of the shoe, I would have taken a $200 refund that she offered and just kept the shoes. But because the stain is on the outer side, I know I will not wear the shoes, as I will know it's there.
    After I let Britney know what happened, I started getting message after message, first accusing me of lying then "manipulating and fibbing" and then things got even uglier. I never replied to any of them and just contacted EBay. EBay apologized to me and told me to return the shoes for a full refund. Once the shoes are delivered to her, EBay will automatically credit me full price including shipping and will deal with her afterwards. So she doesn't really have a choice to accept or not accept the return or amount of refund.
    As far as her ridiculous accusation of me trying to return the shoes to the boutique, it is so silly and made up that it's funny. First of all, if you do return the shoe to CL Boutique, refund is given in original method of payment so she would get money back on her credit card not mine, second return time is way past expired as she purchased them in January. Third, they are way too busy in NY to call someone to gossip.
    She lied, lied, lied and then lied some more from amount of shoes she owns to me trying to return them to boutique, she accused me of damaging her shoes before she even got them back. She freaked out and went off lashing out at most of you who dared not to agree with her, because she got caught. She decided that she can slander me, lying and trashing my reputation for no reason and when she found out that I was notified, she got scared that I will call her out on all of her big and little lies. Lucky for her I don't have all night. However, I have absolutely nothing to hide. I am a trusted EBay Power Seller and a Top Rated Seller with 100% Positive Feedback Score of 893. I always try to treat people with respect and dignity.
    My apologies to anyone who was personally attacked by Harlow2424.
    To anyone who is worried, shoes are returned to her in exact condition she sent them out with receipt, 2 dust bags and small pouch with extra heel tips .

    Continued in next post.


    Look where heel meets the upper



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    private/personal communication removed

    Tracking for Package Harlow2424 sent out



    Delivered, Feb-17-10, 14:46 PM, PLANTATION, FL, 333247086

    DELIVERED, Feb-17-10, 14:46 PM, PLANTATION, FL, 33324


    ARRIVAL SCAN, Feb-17-10, 05:47 AM, LAUDERHILL



    DEPARTURE SCAN, Feb-15-10, 21:59 PM, ROSWELL

    ORIGIN SCAN, Feb-15-10, 19:15 PM, ROSWELL

    PICKUP SCAN, Feb-15-10, 18:17 PM, ROSWELL

    And in conclusion, let me ask you ladies, what feedback would you leave to someone who not only waited a week to ship your shoes, sent them dirty and stained, but after tried to damage your reputation.

    Please let me know your opinion :smile:


  4. that thread was closed because we chose to no longer allow members to air out their issues on our website. To start a new one is very disrespectful.

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