My Reporter got insulted...

  1. Has this ever happened to take out a beloved Chanel, one of your Holy Grails as a matter of fact. The bag is discontinued, even. But you got her at a great price and adore her. And someone says to you "that bag is the most faked of all the Chanels". Does a comment like that kind of dampen your day? my bag felt bad, and so did i

    PS Its true, however, it is my tan and black Reporter bag...that was over $3,100 before it was discontinued.....and now I am looking at her and thinking that everyone will think she is a phony...its ridiculous that a comment like that would cause me to question my love for i not a good mommy?

    has this ever happened to you and if so, how did you smooth your feelings? (and the bag's?)
  2. As Anthony Hopkins so eloquently phrased it in the movie called "Legends of the Fall" - SCREW 'EM!
  3. Lol i agree with LIB. I love the reporter, those people honestly dont even know much. If you love her, love her strong and ignore those dumb people! What matters is how you feel about her ;)
  4. Yeah, I felt weird after a coworker looked at a Birkin I was looking at and called it ugly.

    The important thing is that you know it is real and REAL Chanel lovers will know that you have the real deal and that she is a special bag! So love her with reckless abandon!
  5. I think it hurts now... because the insult is so fresh. You will probably get over it (I hope so) because it is a great bag and the fakes can't come close to it. But I know what you mean. My feelings would also be hurt. I think that lady was a ***** to say it to you.
  6. don't care about what anyone thinks; you know what you have. And you love it.
  7. I'm reading the comment slightly different. Although a bizarre thing to say, she stated it's the most copied Chanel. There are a few comebacks but when something stuns you, the brain is going into I don't believe this mode. It goes back to the saying if you don't have something nice to say, clamp it, not slam it. Give your bag your love :smile:
  8. I think that women who carry real Chanels are pretty obvious...I mean if you carry yourself a certain way and have that certain "look" people are going to know you would never carry a knockoff...does that make any sense to anyone but me?;)
  9. I feel your pain...It is really unfortunate that such comments can really dampen your mood and your bag's worth. Although the reporter is faked a lot, the fakes I have seen are really bad, and may I add often seen on young girls who maybe could not afford the real deal. You know she is authentic, beautiful, and discontinued (which I think adds to the rarity and beauty). So just adore her and wear her. She was probably jealous of the real thing IMO.
  10. Happens when I carry my Cambon bowler - with all the copies out there - what can you do? You know what, I learned from a similar post I made that it only matters that I know it is real - people who say these things are just plain stupid, rude or jealous.
  11. Loooove your Cambon, I love mine. You know, I have heard this said time and time again here. I buy and wear what I like period. Not what's trendy, just what appeals to me.

    I think sometimes, not all, but sometimes I think that comment comes from those who are most concerned about status. I wear mine proudly and I wouldn't care if someone thought it was fake(because they are considered widely faked)....all that would prove is that person is misinformed.
  12. Don't let the comment dampen you pursesonality:flowers:... think of it this way, it being the most copied of chanels makes it extra special IMO. In these days where everything luxury is faked left and right, I wouldnt let it bother me. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing yours is the real deal so carry her with pride and continue loving her:heart: . Comments like this may be a sign of jealousy too so don't let it get to you;)
  13. Carry it proud and love that baby!
  14. i most case, i wouldn't care. i would just smile.
    but when i'm in the mood, i would say "yeah, of course it is the most faked bag. it's a sign that it's a beautiful bag and the demand is high, that's why people faked them"
  15. Don't feel bad -- it's a very cool bag. She was rude.