My report from Las Vegas..Retail and Outlet!

  1. I bought $500-700 worth of Coach goods for $300 at the Coach outlet in Las Vegas (1 bag, 1 messenger, 2 leather card cases, 1 men's belt, 1 skinny + 1 phone charm)...all for my mom and dad!

    The whole store had savings from 20% to 50% off lowest tag price + additional 10% off for all customers entering the outlet...kinda means no tax to me!

    I don't have any pics to show for the items above because I gave them all as x'mas presents already and I don't live with my parents... HOWEVER...

    This morning I went to the Forum Shops @ Caesar's Palace..and bought a Coach cashmere scarf (:heart:) and...a messenger bag that was only released THIS MORNING and only will be released in Las Vegas and Hawaii....I haven't bought a Coach bag/messenger for a couple of years but for some reason I had to have it! :p

    I need some time to take some pics because I'm soooo tired but I wanted to post this thread up because of the Coach outlet news in case any TPF members will hit the Coach outlets tomorrow!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! :flowers::nuts:
  2. NICE! congratz.
  3. must see this messenger! i am so wanting one!
  4. congrats! :tup: can't wait to see pics.... ps those bunnies are adorable!!!! :yes:
  5. Wow, sounds like you had a nice haul! Can't wait for pics!
  6. Great finds! Can't wait to see pics.
  7. Congrats! Show us pictures.
  8. Thanks so much. I live in Vegas and am out of town for the holidays...I was wondering what Caesars and the outlet had