My Replacements......

  1. I had 2 bags that had the glazing melt , a Capucines MM and Babylon MM with python handle. I brought them into my local boutique to see if both bags could be repaired. My SA showed the manager the bags, after inspecting the bags the manager deemed my bags defective. I was able to receive store here are my replacements......
    1)damier ebene small luggage tag hot stamped with year of the dog
    2)zcp mono blossom noir
    3)felicie mono blossom noir
    4)Sarah mono blossom noir
    5)party strass sunglass
    6)Charlotte tortoise sunglass
    7)capucines bb hanami gris
    8) chain it chain pm noir
    9) red envelopes for lunar New Year from my sweet SA❤
    20180212_174426.jpg 20180212_173741.jpg 20180212_173953.jpg H] 20180212_173741.jpg 20180212_173953.jpg
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  3. WOW!!! Enjoy!
  4. Sorry for the double post of the pictures.
  5. Thank you!!
  6. Thank you!!
  7. Oh my so much lovely goodies:loveeyes:. I would need help carrying all those bags :biggrin:
  8. Congrats! Beautiful items!
  9. so many beauties -- I love the Capu BB!!
  10. :yahoo::yahoo::happydance::loveeyes:
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  11. WOW

    Congrats :heart:
  12. Oooooohhh nice!!!!! Great haul! Enjoy!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Beautiful goodies!
  14. Oh, wow, such wonderful pieces!!! Congratulations, wear them in good health! ❤️
  15. Thank you!!:biggrin: