my replacement shoes - yay!


your thoughts please - keep?

  1. yes, yes and yes!

  2. meh, they're alright.

  3. sorry, still not feeling them.

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  1. I really like these. I am loving the straps across the front. I think it makes them stand out a bit. They are definitely keepers. btw, nice legs. You are my new motivation for hitting the gym more often. :p
  2. ^aww thank you, it's amazing what a pair of heels can do to make you look leggier! :love:

    ps. i love those shoes in your avatar!
  3. Loving them!
  4. Love them! Are these Nine West? I tried these on but they didn't look great on my feet, looking good, big improvement! A nice french polish would look gorg with them! xxx
  5. Definitely keepers!
  6. love them!
  7. Love those shoes! you have nice legs too.
  8. Definitely keep them.
  9. Are these pony hair? they look great on you!
  10. Ooo, I like these much better than the gold ones. Keep them!
  11. thank you so much for the kind comments and opinions :love:

    i'm not from the US so i paid full retail over here for them which is $120! :tdown: but i think i'll get lots of use out of them so it's worth it still to me :flowers:
  12. very very cute!
  13. i love your username and yes, i'm a rice girl most days too! ;) thank you, heels do wonders! (maybe i sure wear heels more often than haha)