my replacement reveal and some more

  1. Well, some of you know about my little ordeal last summer. My husband surprised me with this gorgeous bag at my birthday party.[​IMG]
  2. and this was my dream bag. a havanne 35 with GH. My SA and my DH had planned and on the last day my SA was with Hermes ( he's back now) he found this bag and sent it to our friends work and anyway. I was so surprised. BUT. I had given up on ever getting my bag before he left so I went ahead and bought my own birthday present 2 days earlier from a lovely tPF lady who had a brand new one.
    hermes choco.jpg
  3. So now you have 2! Great!
    The havane Birkin is gorgeous!
  4. Wow, two bags!!! The havane birkin is beautiful!!! Now some action shots please.
  5. Oh Loren!!! GORGY!!!!!!
    Please bring Miss Havanne to our next get together :drool: Almost nothing stands in the way of a gorgeous, chocolatey brown color....mmmmm!!!!!

    OK OK SO I spoke too soon...ROFL....but chocolate togo is TDF I would agree!
  6. Gorgeous congratulations !!!!
  7. so,of course I couldn't keep both the Havanne swift with GH and the choco togo with GH so I decided that togo was more my lifestyle ( and I couldn't send it back) so i reluctantly (and regrettably) sent the havanne back. Now this was in July. So I have been trying to get a replacement bag for my credit for six months. I found a new SA and she ending up leaving so I was sort of without an SA. Well, with the price increase quickly approaching I finally called the manager and told her how I would love to get a whole birkin instead of just 88% of a birkin so please could we find something before the price increase. She offered me a HAC and then a blue roi ostrich 30 but neither made me excited. So I gave up.
  8. wow!

    I keep thinking blue ostrich is the perfect bag to wear with jeans. maybe i need to go get me some of that LOL.

    love your birkin.
  9. lovely! conrgats!
  11. It's lovely!!
  12. But you didn't! Give up I mean.
  13. HAHA! I hope you are passing these skills down to your children :love:

    Bleu roi is so pretty...
  14. ( I wish I could have kept them both).

    Anyway, she called last friday, and said she has the very last birkin going out at the old pricing and did I want it. Of course I said YES! and she arrived along with some scarves I had sent out to be plissed and my massai I had sent out to be repaired.

    blue jean.jpg hermes.jpg mikaela's party and hermes 047.jpg
  15. Oh boy can't wait to see her! :nuts: