My repair job took 9 weeks....

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    New handles on my speedy...

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  4. Nice!
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  6. Group shot

  7. I really missed it. It's nice to have it back as it's the only Speedy I have.
  8. It looks lovely! Pleased for you that you have it back finally.
  9. I don't want to sound rude.. but how much did you pay for that??
  10. I paid $186 US for the handles, chapes (leather tabs that handles attach to on the side of the bag) and the leather slider (zipper pull).

    If I had the entire bag done - piping and side tabs - it would have been $700 US, which is more than the cost of a brand new Mono speedy 25, so I just did the handles. The piping was good.

    Now I have to put it by the window so the handles will darken a little to match the side tabs.
  11. Long time! But it looks like it was worth it!

    I had to have a cles repaired once and it took about 8 weeks (but they did it for free and even shipped it for free = yay).
  12. Did your cles break?
  13. Looks Beautiful! You are lucky that it was only 9wks... I send any bags that may need repair off season so I don't notice, it gives you a chance to use it up and really make it worth sending it off ;)
  14. I thought I waited a long time? They told me 5 or 6 weeks.
    I've only had a repair done once before. That one couldn't be fixed so they gave me a new one.
  15. wow it looks brand new!