my reissue went in for repairs....UPDATE with pics!

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    ok, so i had originally posted this thread:
    regarding my hesitation at sending in my reissue for repair of a loose corner stitch and a bubble in the leather on the bottom of the bag. i got my bag back yesterday and am super happy! :wlae:the stitch has been fixed, feels a lil like it was burned, but unnoticeable to me...and the bubble is gone! i've posted pics so u can see, the bubble is truly gone - if u're looking really closely, u can see where it used to be in the leather due to the distressing, but as u can see in the pics from further away, it really is unnoticeable. the only way u would be able to tell is if u knew it was there to begin with! and they did my repairs for free since it was within a year of purchase. after reading so many horror stories, i was scared to pick my bag up, and was very pleasantly surprised! :yahoo:

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  2. So glad it worked out well for you - congrats!! Amazing what the Chanel workmen can do!!
  3. Chanel did a great job at getting rid of that bubble! This has restored some, but not all, of my faith in their repair work!
  4. Oh I'm so glad for you, you must be really chuffed. I remember the bubble, I have one on my bag as well, but can't bear to send her in for repairs. I'll just live with it lol.
  5. Shells, I looked at your original post. Were there wrinkles on the edges of the base? It looked like it to me. Were they able to address that, or does it not bother you? I have a dark brown metallic reissue with several bunching and wrinkling at the bottom. I'm still waiting to hear if they can replace it (Supposedly I got the last one,) or if I have to have it repaired, which I probably will not do. I haven't had good luck with metallics. I'm probably done with them.
  6. judy, are u talking about the creases on the bottom corners - like the bag has been folded or flattened? if u are, they never really bothered me...not even sure if that's usual? i guess i've seen a lot of pics of bags without creases...wouldn't know how they could repair it, but then again, still can't figure out how they got the bubble out - doesn't look like the stitching was touched at all....
  7. I know the creases from folding for shipping are normal, but that's not what I'm talking about. When I compare both my reissues on the bottom they are totally different. The white is flat and the brown is creased with definite wrinkling. I've only used the bag once.
    I will post photos later. I'm not using my computer with the photos.
    Shells, they did a great job on your bag!
  8. amazing workmanship. totally couldn't tell that there was anything there before at all. seamless. congrats! it was worth the risk to repair :yes:
  9. I'm very happy for you that everthing turned out well in the end :smile:
  10. OOH.. Amazing what the Chanel workmen can do!! Congrat:tup:
  11. Congrats Shells! Glad you got it worked out ! Did they charge you for it? ;)

    I think my grey reissues has some bubble issue too but i can't bear to send it for repairs as well. :P. The SA didn't say the bubble will "grow" right? haha.. If it won't, i 'll probably live with it :P

  12. nope, it was free - they waived the fee cuz it was within a year of purchase. although i think i saw the invoice and they were only going to charge me $30 for the stitch repair - maybe the bubble is considered a defect that they would have repaired anyway? honestly, i don't know if the bubble would have spread...its almost like the leather is glued to some sort of base and i guess then there's potential for it to spread??:shrugs: i didn't know other people have had bubbles in their leather as well....
  13. Aww, if it's going to spread, then i probably need to bring it back to the boutiques. I'll take some pics of my bubbles and post it later. Lets see if its the same as yours?? ;)
  14. Hi Shells, here's my bubble. Is it the same as yours?

  15. Glad it all worked out, thanks for the update!