My Reissue 227 is on it's way!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I called my local Chanel, and they were able to locate a Black w/ silver HD reissue 227. Supposedly, it's the last one in the U.S. It was on the East Coast. She called that store to confirm they had it and what the status of it was. The East Coast store told her it was a display model. UGH!

    Neway, we asked her if she could find out the condition of it. She later called us back to tell us that the SA on the East coast said it had no scratches inside or out, that it looked good. Hmm.....

    We told her we'd think about it and hung up. I thought I should go for it, and if for some reason I didn't like it or it had some sort of flaw we can return it and I'd then get the Classic Flap w/ Silver HD.

    (This all happened yesterday btw)..

    So we called her back and said the Chanel store on the East was closed...that she'd call us tomorrow w/ details. She took down or CC, etc. Well, she didn't call today. ACK! So we called her and she said it has been shipped out!! :nuts: I was worried someone else could've got it.

    Now I just got to keep my fingers crossed that it's in good condition, and that the size works for me. I did try on the Classic Flap in Jumbo which from what I've read on the PF that they're almost the same size. So we'll see.

    Also I usually prefer gold HD. It was weird when I tried on the Classic Flap in silver I really liked it. In gold, I just didn't "feel it". Was odd? Cuz I always always go w/ gold. I just liked the black w/ silver better.

    So I'm hoping everything works out and it's in good condition, and that I like the silver HD. (crossing my fingers)!

    Well, just wanted to share my story on my 1st Chanel!!!!!!!!!!;)
  2. LVCRAZED - Congrats on a beautiful bag coming your way.

    I called one of the Boutiques today to try and locate a 227 in either black, gray or bordeaux. Of course, I had no luck. The only one they had was a metallic gray. I really didn't want that because I hadn't seen it IRL.

    She suggested calling around to the stores like NM, Saks, etc. She thought they were all gone in the Boutiques.

    So, I'm probably just going to get the classic since I can't get the reissue that I really want.

    Post pics when you get it.
  3. Congrats on having your first Chanel on its way! I hope it comes to you in perfect condition.
  4. Oh yea!!! Can't wait until you get it, post pics for us!!!

    Piper, my NM had the 227 in dark white and a grey 225 yesterday. You should call my SA, she'll check NM for you.
  5. Congrats on a great bag! Will you be changing your member name?:P
  6. Congrats!!!!! Can't wait to take a look at the bag.
  7. Saks in Bala Cynwyd had the reissue 227 in grey and bordeaux last night.

  8. Thx!!!:yes: Hey, Good Luck on finding your bag!!!!! Ya, call NM, never know...they might just have one in the back buried somewhere.

    Good Luck again!;)
  9. Thx!!!!!!!! ;) OMG me 2!! I've got my fingers crossed!!!!!!!:sweatdrop:
  10. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flowers: If all goes well, I'll be posting pics!:yes: Thx again all!!!


    Thx!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: LMAO!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I know, huh?!!! :graucho: heheeheheheheheheee!! :upsidedown:

    Hmm....LVCCcrazed?? :shame: LOL!:lol:
  11. I should start digging in my back stockroom! :P
  12. oh LVCRAZED - congrats on the awesome find!!! oh your first CHANEL is this - Oh you're SO SO lucky!!! CONGRATS!!! You'll never forget your CHANEL... SO beautiful! congrats!!!
  13. Awwwww, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flowers: I'm trying not to get too excited. Trying my best to hold back until I can ck. it out. Hoping and praying it arrives in good condition!!!!!!:sweatdrop: I guess I'll know soon enough...It's supposed to be here Tuesday. If everything works out then I'm gonna lose it!!!:graucho: lol
  14. Congrats LVCrazed...I hope you reissue comes in excellent condition! so excited for yah! it's one of my dream bags!