My Reindeer Fur Boots Are Declared Trendy!

  1. Several years ago, I purchased a pair of authentic reindeer fur** boots, hand-made in the traditional Saami*** style, from a very nice Saami lady in frosty, exotic Lapland.

    This was not, strictly speaking, one of my more practical purchases, since I live in a warm climate. But I really liked them, they were cheap, and I wanted them, so I got them, and luck and the Shoe Spirits were with me, and they fit perfectly.

    And on every occasion where climactic conditions have come even close to justifying the wearing of such footwear, I have gleefully worn them.

    Well, the other day, some very fashionable teenaged neighbors were visiting Puff Palace (I had offered a couple of Blessing Bags**** for a high school "community service" project) and so off we went to my closet.

    Upon seeing my reindeer fur boots there, waiting patiently for the weather to present them with a rare outing, the girls' eyes became round as saucers!

    "Ohhhh!" they gasped. "WHERE did you get those AWESOME boots? I soooo totally want some but they are sooo expensive and I already spent all my money on a Marc Jacobs (I forget what) and my mom is like no way" - "Those are like even better than (such and such a brand, designer, whatever, sorry, forgot) those are soooo HOT right now Mrs. Puff! That is what EVERYBODY in New York is wearing, I mean you like see (designer, brand, blah) all OVER the place but yours are like WHOA!!"

    And so they went on for a while, as we filled the Blessing Bags. Thinking a bit, I realized I had seen some boots with some fur on them here and there in the stores recently, and come to think of it, on some of the fashion shows on TV recently - so my reindeer fur boots are now Trendy!

    I don't care. The first day that it is cold enough, I will wear them anyway, just like I have done in previous years, when they were not the least bit trendy. :P

    ** while I have noticed in recent years that I do seem to be transitioning away from animal products, I am by no means a vegetarian, nor have I discarded leather bags and shoes (that still fit) accumulated over the years. In this particular case, by the time I knew of the boots' existence, it would already been too late to save this particular reindeer anyway.

    *** indigenous people of Scandinavia

    **** bags of clothing, etc that I no longer use. I recently lost 55 lbs, and am something of a packrat, so the process of transferring the un-needed items is taking a while

    ***** Bonus for orphan footnote fans and irrelevant information enthusiasts - last year, it was discovered that I would be adjusting to some health challenges of a Tiresome Medical nature, that coincidentally make the reindeer fur boots the absolute best cold weather footwear I could possibly have!
  2. cute story! I'd love to see a picture
  3. Ooo...those boots sound awesome. :smile:

    Congrats on the weight loss!
  4. LOL I wish I had a picture of them to show too! I even looked to see if I could find a pic that looked LIKE them, but no luck. Mine are simpler, and at the same time, furrier, than anything I could find. Just plain round toes, no curling up and back toward the ankle. maybe the slightest whisper, like the toe thought it might tun up, but changed its mind :smile: and very narrow, maybe a third of an inch, stripe of embroidery between leg and foot, leg has longer, thicker fur.

  5. I think reindeer meat is eaten, anyway.

    So, as far as I know, reindeer fur is really no worse, morally speaking, than regular leather.
  6. Oh yes, the Saami have used every part of the reindeer for millennia, for meat, milk and subsequent other dairy products, the skins and fur for clothing, even shelter, sinews for thread, bones for tools, in such climates nothing is wasted, and it is the reindeer that permits humans to survive there!

    I have, however on a couple of occasions, while thanking someone who complimented the boots (even though they have never before been trendy) and overheard other people whisper things to the effect of "boots made out of RUDOLPH? Ewww!" ;)
  7. hehe isn't it great when you become accidentally trendy