My rehab is back and she is stunning...

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  1. Before Pictures...



  2. After ..

    She had her handle's fixed, she was dyed and polished...


    Isn't my classic darling stunning... :graucho:
  3. Very elegant! Do they charge a lot to rehab her?

  4. They do charge but this is the first rehab I have ever done with them.. It was all $408.00 but that included all the work which was dying, fixing the handles and polish so I do not think it was so bad for the work.. the bag looks new..
  5. gorgeous, worth it!
  6. she looks amazing!
    it's definitely worth the moolah

  7. :yahoo:

    def worth it to get your blonde Bordot back in to shape :buttercup:

    Congratulations all over again :P
  8. Thank you... I think so the bag is really lovely ...
  9. PT your are just the sweetest... When I saw her I was so in love with her I almost died... :nuts: She is much better than before, and the service was amazing they even gave me a dust bag for her.... I love GUCCI...
  10. Wow! The difference is amazing! Great job Gucci!
  11. Wow what a great result you got. I am not surprised, Gucci rocks! Congrats, CA! Enjoy showing that baby off!
  12. I know, when they can help they do. I got my jacket dry-cleaned and they 'threw in' a suit carrier :biggrin:
  13. Wow, Gucci did a fantastic job with the rehab/repair of your Bardot! Congratulations!!
  14. Wow! Beautiful! Gucci did a excellent job rehabing your bag! Enjoy!

    The leather looks amazing and the color!