My regret or not? Dentelle dilemma.

  1. Guys, I'm feeling a bit sore about taking my name off the waiting list for the Kirsten as I saw the Gold Kirsten today at the store. I was first on the list before for the Gold Kirsten and then decided I would get a Fersen instead and took my name off, and today the Kirsten was seen in the store. Should I have waited for the Kirsten or did I make the right choice on the Fersen....???
    I feel like crying as I can't decide if it was a good choice...
  2. Depends on what you like. The Fersen is a really large bag. I bought the Kirsten first but it was too small for me. The Fersen worked better for me. But I do love the Kirsten. Wish I could buy it just to have it.
  3. So you got a Fersen?:smile:
  4. I think you made a great choice! I love the Fersen!
  5. I think the kirsten is prettier, but if you need a large bag then you need a large bag. They are in the similar design so if you really love the dentelle it should perhaps not matter much?
  6. I think they a both hot either is a great choice!
  7. I love both bags. Which one do you think you will use more?
  8. I absolutely adore both bags, but I think the Kirsten captures the whole dentelle thing a little better than the Fersen does. If it was my choice, I'd have the Kirsten, but the only drawback is it's size...Think of it this way though....if you get the Fersen, there's more space, more bang for your buck, and alot more of that gorgeous dentelle to show off :yes:
  9. Hmmm, I'm goin crazy...I'm gonna put my name back on the list for the Kirsten cuz I can't stop thinking about it. OMG, will I get it, look like the waitlist is huge and superlong for the Kirsten.....:crybaby:
  10. i only WISH my store got a kirsten! i want one so badly! you are lucky you even HAD the chance!
  11. I absolutely :heart: :heart: the Kirsten
  12. I hope you can get it- think positive thoughts!
  13. I think that the stores here have received another shipment as I received another call about the gold Kirsten last week....good luck with what you decide:heart:
  14. personally i like a big bag and the Fersen is gorgeous!! the kirsten is too small for me, i'm not a fan if the pouches! :smile:
  15. I like the Fersen more. To me the Kirsten looked like 'too much' Dentelle for it's size, kwim?