My regenerated Oak Leopard Lexy

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  1. I am so excited about my old regular Oak Leopard Alexa that I just had to share her.

    I have had her since new and she's probably my most used bag. I still love her to bits, still a beauty and although there's no marks or signs of wear she's just showing her age, looking a bit tired, wrinkly, far too saggy (know the feeling) and had lost her shine

    So................................with just one little tub of sheen top coat, some TLC and a new snug fitting Samorga liner, here she is

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  2. I really should have taken some better before and after pics but I wasn’t expecting such a transformation. This is the last picture I took, it doesn’t show her lack of shine that well but she’s collapsing in this picture even when totally stuffed.

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  3. Gorgeous "collection" of Oak Leopard goodies & well done on a great job of reinventing (!) your bag .. she looks great, have lots of good times carrying her xx
  4. It looks fab Mulberrygal!
  5. This looks a really good spruce your mulberry up advert, can I ask did you buy the liner from the suppliers in Korea or is there somewhere you can buy them from in the uk?
  6. Amazing job! You have inspired me to try to revive my new (old) OL lexie... :smile:
  7. #7 Mar 12, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2014
    Thank you, so pleased with her, the pictures don't do the finish justice the difference is really amazing

    Good luck with yours Mary, well done in finding one. They really are becoming an endangered species. I am looking forward to seeing how you get on. She's really a fabulous bag and well worth the effort.

    The liner has made an amazing difference, if you want a more structured look they do the job brilliantly. I did look around quite a bit before I got mine but couldn't come up with anything that fitted like this. They are in Korea, I think they are made to order, delivery isn't that long, lovely chap called Lee, very helpful. There are plenty of colours to choose from and they blend in well, not tacky at all. I also think the design is so much better with most of the pockets inside.

    Teddies found them, I got the info from this thread

    I am also really thrilled as my Oxblood Daria satchel is on it's way back from repairs. I sent her in beginning of Jan so it's been quite a wait, really looking forward to having her back. Should be here tomorrow.........YAY. :dothewave::dothewave: can't wait my oldies are the best Mulbs :biggrin:
  8. Looks like a different bag! My plum alexa could do with this, the collonil gel just isn't cutting it. May I ask which product you used?
  9. Thanks so much will get in contact with them now
  10. What a difference!
  11. Can I ask when your Daria gets back would the liner fit in that bag too or is it too square to get a good fit?
    My Daria is another bag I find annoyingly floppy lol!
  12. What a transformation! :tup:

    Samorga website here I come!
  13. lovely pics - OL looks fab!
  14. Gorgeous bag! lovely pictures!
  15. Nice one ! Just shows what can be done with some tlc !