My red surprise has arrived!

  1. Ta-dah! Here is the "red surprise" I bought on eBay the same day as fiasco-bag... You may lose some (even when you win on eBay), but then you also definitely win some! Here it is together with my nero Montaigne and relatively new noce cosmetic case...

    I have probably talked about ladybug coin purses (especially red ones) at least 5 times in other threads as I was so excited but didn't want to completely spill the beans before it arrived - it didn't hurt that jburgh just bought her frog and so there was a fair amount of discussion about the animal coin purses! I haven't ever seen any of the coin purses in red before. When I saw it pop up on eBay I HAD to have it then and there, so I asked the Seller if she would do a BIN and she did and it was mine!!!

    And it also has another little friend on its way too...
    DSCN1428.JPG DSCN1429.JPG
  2. Wow what a cutie!!!! Your red ladybug coinpurse is so lovely! I can't wait to see the other little friend. :heart:
  3. I love it - so cute! And it goes with all your BVs. Congrats and thanks for the pix!
  4. Okay, I'll probably jinx it by showing it off before it arrives safe and sound in my hands, but I'm just going to jump in with both feet - so here is the little friend too...

    It should also be a perfect colour to go with my Montaigne collection. And then I just need to find animal coin purses in nero and bianco - perhaps one turtle and one frog to make up a complete set?!

    I believe they still make nero ones - has anyone ever seen a bianco one?!
  5. BookerMoose, they couldn't be any cuter! The frog comes in black and would probably like to join the family!
  6. BM - That red buggie is adorable. And so is the brown trout! Hurray for the coinpurses!!!
  7. BM, the ladybug purse is awfully cute! I love how the dots are like stamped (is that the right word?)
  8. That is sOOOo adorable!!! :love: cOngrats~!
  9. Thanks C_24 (and jburgh and LLANeedle and mistikat and Mystilletto too)! For the dots, actually rather than being stamped there are two layers of leather and the top layer has the dots cut out so you see the lower layer... I hope that makes sense!
  10. Fantastic BookerMoose!! I'm sure that the little red ladybug will bring you a lot of good luck and everything will turn out all right. Now I really want the green turtle myself!!
  11. BM,
    the little buggie is sooo adorable! it will go so well with your montaigne!

  12. hey bookermoose, according to chinese folklore, both the fish and ladybug are supposed to bring luck. and btw, the turtle is supposed to bring luck too. and they are both the cutest little things. how about a matching one for each of your montaignes? :graucho:
  13. Ah. I have never seen the ladybird purse before. It is so pretty. Do any of the US stores still carry them? Maybe I can order by phone and they will ship or are they really really hard to get over there too?

  14. I don't know the answer to that VKD... I don't have any BV stores anywhere close and am pretty much stuck with eBay for things like this. I think someone said they have some frogs and fish (at least) in the US stores - but only in ebano, noce and nero... I think they had others at the outlets at one point last year - not sure if the ladybug was there. Good luck!
  15. Those are so adorable - on my list now!