My Red/Silver Epi Speedy 25 is Fianlly Here!!!

  1. My red/silver epi speedy 25 finally came today. I love it!!! :love: The red is such a beautiful color. As soon as I opened the box I had to take some pics. Sorry there are so many, but I have to brag!! :biggrin:

    6-7-06 001.jpg

    6-7-06 002.jpg

    6-7-06 003.jpg

    6-7-06 004.jpg

    6-7-06 005.jpg

    6-7-06 006.jpg
  2. WOW! That's so gorgeous! Congrats~
  3. gorgeous!!!! the silver works so well with the red!
  4. I am SO HAPPY you love it!!! It's a beautiful bag!!! Enjoy it!!!:love:
  5. Congrats.
  6. Mello Yello Jen.. Did you get your Damier Speedy yesterday?
  7. beautiful! love the red!!
  8. Thanks everyone. This is my first red purse. LOL. Sexy, isn't it??!!
  9. You BET!!!:yes::graucho:
  10. It's gorgeous! congrats
  11. Congrats. It looks gorgeous!!
  12. eyes (wide) open ... Its Beautiful!
  13. Well I'm done with getting the speedies. So I'm looking into getting the Popincourt Haut. I'm not a big bag kind of girl, so what are your opinions on that bag?
  14. Stunning! Congrats!
  15. OH, missypoo, I'm so glad you got it!!!! It is beautiful. Don't ya wanna just sit and stare at it awhile???? Congrats and enjoy!!