My Red Rose Kooba Elisha!!!

  1. Oh My my my!!!!
    This bag is absolutely gorgeous! It is 50 times better than I expected. I opened that box and was WOWED! Even my husband said from all the pics I've shown him, none have done this bag justice. I guess lighting or whatever but no pics I have seen on any site has really shown this bag for what it is.

    Think of Rose Petals (like someone said before). The deep but muted red. A dull but rich color (if that makes sense). The leather is soooo soft, almost Petal like. Definately more Rose than red. But the color is such that it almost makes this bag a neutral color. I can see carrying it with all different colors and styles. I hope my pics show more than I can say.
    Now I really want a Blond Bonnie. I bet that bag is better than it shows.





  2. Congrats on your new baby girl. It looks gorgeous! May your wear it in good health. You must show modeling pics!
  3. delicious. i hate you. i want it.

    no i don't really hate you.

    yes i do want it.

    ;) congrats gf ;)
  4. Ahhhhh, so jealous! I love it! It's beautiful... congrats!
  5. YAYYYYYYYYYY Lexie i am SO OOO psyched for you it looks AMAZING!!!

    Can we see modeling pics for size reference?!!?

    its amazing
  6. oh and also now that you have seen it,,, do you think ROSE and RED are 2 dif colors? cause everyone describes this RED ELISHA as a rose color,,, wonder what ROSE looks like then if it is differnt,,,hmm
  7. i love it! congrats!
  8. I think Rose & Red are the same now. I think Elux just described the color as it really was. Kooba really should have called the bag Rose. Elux says they have the Nicole in Rose Red although they don't show a pic. I'd love to see it in this shade. I bet the Blonde Elisha is beautiful too and maybe better than what we expect.
  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I bet this bag will be one of their classics. It's such a pretty, feminine design and that color is TDF!

    Congrats! I can't wait 'til I can order mine later this spring.

    I'm really, really, really going to stick to my resolution. ONE bag per quarter. :angel:

    Enjoy your new Elisha!
  10. That's a beautiful bag * Congrats!! I haven't owned a Kooba but I sure will look at them now... ;))
  11. wow i love it. =)
  12. That is a GORGEOUS bag!! I'm usually not really a fan of Kooba, but wow~ makes me want one just like yours! :yes:
  13. Lovely!
  14. Wow that is lovely! Congrats!
  15. Congrats, it looks fantastic!