My red mulberry roxanne

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  1. I just got this yesterday at Barneys. The leather is incredibly soft (Glove, not Darwin) and it doesn't scratch or stain from water. It is much lighter (weight wise) than the roxannes made from the Darwin leather. I was comparing the weight by draping the glove and darwin roxannes on each arm and lifting each one up (the SA was giving me a very weird look) and the glove one felt much lighter. I love it so much:love: . The color is most accurately depicted in the first pic.

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  2. Kee-yoot!
  3. Cute. How do you know the leather? Is it more expensive or cheaper than the rest?
  4. The tags on the bags identify the leather. Usually it is either Darwin, Glove or Congo (looks like crocodile). The red bag was cheaper ($995 as opposed to $1195) b/c it is not from the current season. Mulberry raised their prices this season on the Roxannes.
  5. wow that's cute. love the look of it. i just bought my phoebe in darwin, i am loving it too!
  6. That's an adorable bag, and it looks so professional !
  7. It's cute I love soft leather they are so good can't resist touching them hahaha
  8. I know what you mean Evereve! I haven't been able to keep my paws off the bag since getting it home. My DH is feeling neglected. haha.
  9. thanks everyone! i just started getting into Mulberry and I think they are absolutely fantastic!

    I'd love to see pics of your bags!
  10. Very nice! I love the color :love:
  11. I got a black and it says it is Antique Glace. Still seems heavy, but looks nice!
  12. LOVE Mulberrys and LOVE that bag!!!
  13. VERY nice!
  14. Congrats on the great bag, Luckybunny. I have a Roxanne in the glove leather and you are right, it is very soft. Mine is Gunmetal - I love it in red, too.
  15. WOW, that's a gorgeous bag! Love that color!!!! :love: